12 January 2006

Together again

Seems like it's been a while... Home for the holidays is always good. The pack is together again but not quite acclimated to being "home." That is, we're ready to hit the road! Unfortunately, work does call--as does the studio (very loudly). Looks like we're staying put for a little while at least. So, we had to make the best of a 60-degree, sunny day and find a trail somewhere.

About an hour from us in Lancaster County is the Kelly's Run-Pinnacle Trail System, along Lake Aldred and the Susequehanna River. We've never been there before, so today was a good time to explore it. A number of trails cross at Pinnacle Overlook, so we parked there to check some out. We hiked a section of the Pine Tree Trail, came around to the Conestoga Trail, then swung back on the Fire Line Trail. A lot of decent elevations--we could've really pushed ourselves aerobically, but we're still hauling holiday pot bellies, so why be fanatical about it? Actually, if it were just the young one, we would've done the more challenging stuff. Incidentally, in the picture above, Jackson has a new harness! Just like Buko's and Narra's. He's not really physically able to hike as much as the other two, but he deserves his own gear at least. Also, a previous post described the dogs' bungee lines as mushing lines--technically, they are skijoring lines. If we ever get any snow, it's an activity we'd like to try.