30 September 2007

More Buko

Down the road and back again

Reminiscing... and enjoying our time together. Some early video of Buko with big bro and best friend Tsamba (whom we lost two years ago to kidney failure). The song is Nancy Griffith's "Don't Forget About Me," from her album Flyer(1994).

09 September 2007

(Belated) Happy Birthday!

"A belated 'Happy Birthday!' to me," says Narra. It's a week later, but Narra celebrated her birthday by running in an agility trial. She loves nothing better than the wind through her hair! Our human is overly focused on ribbons and such, but this girl knows what it means to have fun. That's her present to herself. Who needs ribbons and bows?! You go, girl!

[photo credit: Barry Rosen Photography]

05 September 2007

A note on terminology

We would like to comment on our recently adopted use of the term "boy" to refer to our human. Rather than go into lengthy, culturally specific explorations of the word's usage, let us simply say we use it as a term of endearment. Since humans are so fond of infantilizing us canines, we thought we'd return the favor. (hee hee) We do understand, though, that this practice (in either direction) is not malicious. And we certainly do not intend to reference centuries of "benign" infantilization heaped upon certain humans by other humans... Let's just call it a joke between us and our boy. :)

Besides, it is kinda funny, isn't it? One of our favorite (albeit slightly uncomfortable) uses of the term "boy" accompanies photographs of eccentric Henry Chapman Mercer with his "boys," his Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. (Mercer's castle Fonthill is a museum open to the public, along with the Mercer Museum and the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works.)
And, of course, you've gotta love the scene in Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey where Golden Retriever Shadow is re-united with Peter, telling him, "You're my boy, Peter, and I love you..." Sniff.

[photo credit above: Collection of the Spruance Library of the Bucks County Historical Society]

Woe unto me

It's been a difficult week. Not only has our boy had to return to work (he says it pays the bills), but Buko has been pretty miserable. The emergency vet thought it was a cruciate ligament injury of some sort, and we were all really worried that Buko would have to have surgery. (BTW, the human joined an online group called Orthodogs that's been really helpful. Thanks, Orthodoggers!) As it turns out, our regular vet doesn't think it's an ACL/CCL issue. While the cruciate ligament may be injured, there seems to have been another type of injury causing unusual swelling. The short of it is that Buko has a new meds regimen that we hope will help. He still can't walk much and doesn't want to come out of his crate too often, but at least he seems to like eating again. Now, you know something's wrong if this guy won't eat!

Buko says, "That Jackson always wants to copy me!"
Narra says, "What about my birthday?! I didn't even get a party or presents or anything!"

We didn't even get a stupid t-shirt

Another Saturday, another day to be left behind. Although this one wasn't so bad because, well, we just weren't that interested in hanging out with a bunch of northern breeds... Our human, his parental units, and some family friends went to Hike N Howl, an event to support northern breeds rescue: Delaware Valley Siberian Husky Rescue, MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral, and Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue. Our human didn't "hike" to raise money, but he did want to buy a "Hike N Howl" t-shirt to support the cause, but there weren't any in sight (they can be bought online, though)! That's okay, we're just glad he didn't come home with a puppy--or an adult, for that matter.We gotta ask: why would you go to a husky event and only take pictures of Great Danes???