30 May 2010

Butterflies are free

We've been missing our sistah Angel... who knew seven dogs could feel so much less than eight? Bro Tanner is carrying on Angel's legacy, though; he has inherited her butterfly collar! Not such a bad deal: Angel only ever wore that collar once--for a photo shoot! She woulda looked pretty in anything, but she was particularly fetching with those brightly colored butterflies around her. Now, Tanner is trying to do the collar justice--and maybe tone down that bad-boy look of his! :)

17 May 2010

How do you speak to an Angel?

Rest in Peace, sweet Angel
July 1, 1996-May 16, 2010
Our one-year anniversary passed quietly on April 29, probably because Angel seemed like she'd always been here. She couldn't have been any more loved or any more a part of us had she been born in this house. She was certainly born to be part of us. She was sweet, she was tough, and she played the hand she was dealt. She loved to snuggle and hug, she loved to wroo wroo, and she loved food. When she got her new harness, she flew like Superman. But she always had super powers, we knew that. We miss you, girlfriend--fly on.Always something to say
First day home
Super smiling

09 May 2010

A Perfect TEN

Oh, yeah, that's what we're talkin 'bout... but just a one-nighter! Handsome fellow, eh? This guy's Milo, and we're givin him a place for the night as he makes his way from NC to NH. He's just battled heartworm and can be quite shy, but we've seen the potential pizazz! Just look at him handle prey. Way to go, dude! Once Milo is fully healthy, he'll be available for adoption through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue.
Actually, what we mean to say is that Milo makes us a perfect 10 for the night. Um, that's us eight, plus Uncle Kidlat who's visiting for a while, and Milo! We think we make a pretty good 10--what do you think?!

Oh, and just so there's no confusion, when we say "us eight," we're really talking about us SEVEN, plus FOSTER Duncan. Because Duncan's just a foster dog, okay? That means we're just fostering Duncan...

BTW, we made a fun video of Uncle Kidlat's last visit that we didn't post. If anyone's interested, you can check it out here!