27 April 2008

The Tax Man

We didn't mention it before, but Tuchuck, aka Diaper Breath, had a birthday recently! Since he was assumed to be seven months old when he was adopted on October 15, the human decided his "birthday" should be April 15. Very auspicious, right? How fitting that his birth date should bring universal dread to humans (and canines!). Anyway, we all know it's not his real birthday.

More importantly--and, okay, not so directly related--little Tuchuck was entered in his first dog show this week! The human entered them in Novice Rally at an AKC trial. A totally misguided effort on the human's part: diaper breath was clearly not ready. The outing was a total disaster from what we hear, and we are soooo happy not to have been ringside to witness the tragedy. The human experienced an entirely new "walk of shame." HAHAHA!

Narra says, "I can't even stand to look!"

It was a beautiful day for an outing--but we were quite ready to escape the scene of the crime...

22 April 2008

Up the turnpike

We would like everyone--particularly our new friends at Dogs with Blogs--to know that we don't usually let our blog lapse this long. Unfortunately, our human is feigning busy-ness yet again and has resisted our bidding. Okay, yes, he is gone from home longer than usual lately, but, c'mon, what about priorities?

Luckily, we did corral him long enough to go to an agility trial this weekend. And we all got to go! Boone had another medical crisis last week (yet again!), but he was well enough to make the trip to Jersey. :) We had beautiful weather and a fun time, Narra especially. She didn't do particularly well at the trial (the human was very upset--get over yourself, we say), but she had a blast--literally--as usual, running the courses.
[Photo courtesy Barry Rosen Photography]

Also, we want to share a new Flickr site that Wally's apes have put up. As some of you know, Wally's apes and our human help with the dogs at the Delaware SPCA. Mr. J even takes pictures of the animals for the SPCA's website and Petfinder. He takes great pictures--just look at this one of a very cute girl named Daisy. (We like this pic because she seems fast like Narra!) If you want to see more pictures, check out what the apes have put up on Flickr.

07 April 2008


This handsome guy is big bro Tsamba (CHAHM-ba) whom we lost in 2005 to kidney failure. Today is his birthday/gotcha day (1996 or so). "Tsamba" translates best as "serendipity," but please don't call him that. Don't call him "Lucky" either, for that matter, but the thought makes us laugh. Our blog is named for him.

He was our human's first full German Shepherd Dog and the one responsible for all the cool stuff we do like agility and herding (and even--yuck--obedience). He was adopted from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa.

Run free, Tsamba. Take good care of Buko and Buddy. We'll be thinking of you guys.

02 April 2008

Monty (and Zeke!)

Our human came home smelling of that smell again. We've gotten so used to it now, it's hardly noteworthy. Okay, so he was walking (other) dogs again, blah blah blah. However, the SPCA did tell him he should go ahead and name Big Head. He'd been avoiding it, but today decided to go ahead and do so. After conferring with Wally's apes, he settled on the name Monty. What do you think?

Is there a resemblance? Hmm...
The human's also been walking a dog named Zeke. Apparently, Zeke is a bit of a nut. He'd fit in here pretty well! (We didn't really just say that, did we?!)PS
Zeke isn't neutered yet so isn't available for adoption just now. We'll let you know when!

01 April 2008

Inked, part 2!

Since we're updating all our news, we can't omit this one (just for you, Wally Tamale!). The human got inked again! We recognize that face, it's big bro Buko!! The human has been planning this tattoo since we lost Buko last fall but only got it done a couple weeks ago. It's not fully healed, so still peeling a bit and slightly red. (Same artist as the Narra tattoo, btw: Steve T at Olde City Tattoo in Philly.)

Hey, who's next?!


Has there been some sort of shift in the universe? What's going on??? The mail brought an interesting--albeit perplexing--packet yesterday. Apparently, little diaper-breath, pee boy has been recognized by the American Kennel Club!!! WHA....??? That's right, the AKC, in its infinite wisdom, has bestowed upon little Tuchuck a PAL number (formerly ILP). They're agreeing that he's a Border Collie, and the PAL number allows him to participate in AKC performance events without registration papers and a pedigree. Good timing since he just started agility class last week! Will wonders never cease?

Even though little bro doesn't have a paper pedigree, he's the second in a distinguished line of white dogs from that SPCA who have graced our home. And, in honor of Buko--in whose very special pawprints Tuchuck follows--Tuchuck has a special, registration-like name. Ladies and Gentleman, let us introduce to you: Coconut's View of Tuchuck! Watch out!!! :)

WHOA, that's a BIG HEAD!

Hello again! Seems like forever since we've blogged--and we can place the blame squarely on the human. He whines a lot about work being so bad lately, but we know the real reason for his slacker attitude is a bunch of homeless dudes that he goes to visit. We're talking four-legged dudes at the SPCA. He comes home all smelly. Maybe it smells like home to Tuchuck--ha ha!

So, yeah, he goes and walks these guys with Wally's apes--have they no shame? And they even take pictures! He particularly likes this big-headed guy with no name, simply referred to at the moment as "Big Head." They're thinking he's some kind of mastiff mix, with perhaps rottie? Big Head has some small bits that will be removed before he can go up for adoption. The human says there's a lovely little girl named Remy who reminds him of a female Tuchuck (now that would be truly unfortunate). Luckily, this girl is being spayed as we speak! And, there's a shy but loving boxer named Bruno. He's ready to go now! Check out his shelter webpage!

The pics are all courtesy Mr. J and Wally's Ma Ape--because our human's batteries died (duh!). More pics on Wally's blog!

Remy, aka Spaz!