28 February 2006

Rock and Roll!

It might not be the ultimate adventure mobile, but our tricked out ride is ready to roll! Good thing because we're going nuts stuck in the house. Illness, work commitments (misguided as they are), and other distractions have us trapped in suburbia. Our maiden voyage awaits, however--this weekend, in fact. Had to cancel an earlier planned trip to Savannah--sucked, we had to miss an agility trial--but we're going to try again. Nothing fancy, but the pack and parents (!) will load up the new ride and test it out. No adventure, we suspect, but at least we'll see if all the gear fits!

On a related note, just because we have a monster 4x4 doesn't mean we want to tear up national parks--and we don't want anyone else to either. W's "America" has always been a frightening place, and now he even wants to eliminate places we can go to hide (why stop at civil liberties?). Proposed changes to the National Park Service Management Policies seriously endanger the future of our natural lands and resources. If W gets his way, our national parks will become more about recreation than preservation (even more so than they already are). When did we stop protecting our resources and start consuming them? Uh, duh, where do we live?