27 December 2007

Bring on the New Year!

Happy Holidays, everyone--and warm wishes for a very Happy New Year!!!

Okay, yes, our picture doesn't look too holiday-y. As you can see, we didn't have a white Christmas, and our human isn't so much into decking the halls. Plus, we're not really into human mythology or human attempts at self-definition. Which is not to say, however, that we have anything against any reason for a good party with lots of food! Eat on!!


18 December 2007

Too many goodbyes

We've been saddened by an extraordinary number of goodbyes this fall. Not just our Buko, but other friends and friends of friends. We thought we'd take a moment to share a sigh then a smile...

LEWIS, we just heard... Glad to have met you--you were almost our wise older brother.

THRAWN--we didn't know you until it was too late, but you touched so many.

DAVE and ANNIE, our Border Collie herding idols, wishing you the sheep of your dreams--thanks for sharing your flock.

and "Uncle" MAC--the DOGNY model!--you were special for many more reasons than just being Narra's uncle.

06 December 2007

Let It Snow!

Hey, how awesome--SNOW!!! We hardly ever get the white stuff this early, but we got a nice surprise today. And this was Tuchuck's first snow (unless, of course, he came down from like Everest or the Arctic Circle--who knows where the kid's from or where he's been). Regardless, we love winter play. More please!

And more updates: Zion continues do well and has been pain free for two weeks now. We hear he loves the snow, too! Rock on, buddy! And NoName from the SPCA got adopted! His adopter was a GSD handler in Iraq, so we think he went to good home. We hope he got a good name, too. :)