26 January 2010

We got the beat!

January's been dreary and kinda boring. Our human's off this time of year, and we usually do something fun--so how come we just hangin at home? (More to the point, how come the human's not been keeping up with our blog?? Or visiting all our bloggin buddies?!) Well, we've been content to play in our yard. You can see all the (chewed up) balls strewn about; we're not usually lacking for toys, that's for sure.Once in a while, though, a dog needs a little more mental stimulation, especially at dusk, when we're primed for the hunt, ready to HOWL. You might notice an odd, yellow thingy there with all the balls--that was Tuchuck's way of stimulating our minds... and primordial selves. What object serves such purposes, you ask? ... YES! Tuchuck raided the human's library, and now we're inspired to roll! Load up the van, boy, let's get the flock outta here! Road trip!!! ARROOOOOOO!!!!! Well, in our dreams--or the summer, whichever comes first.

11 January 2010

Ticket to ride

Our human's gonna be sad,
We think it's today, yeah.
The dog that's drivin us mad
Is going away.

Actually, it was yesterday (but that's another song)... Yup, foster bro Tristan went to his forever (we hope) home in Maine. YAY! But the human was very sad. We don't understand how he could've liked such an uncouth, ill-mannered, and bossy guy. Whatevs. Anyway, they had their quality time: human drove Tristan over half way to Maine!

Seriously, we wish Tristan all the best. You'll do great, brah! Have an awesome life!!

02 January 2010

What is normal?

Ah, goodbye 2009--glad to see you go. We've lost friends, and friends of friends, both human and canine. Others certainly had it worse than we did, but the year wasn't great regardless. What does 2010 have in store? We hope it's lotsa good stuff. Now that the holidays have passed, as things get back to "normal," we're wondering if the holiday season portended anything for the coming decade?

We (Jacks, Narra, Tuchuck, and Theo) spent Christmas day with Kidlat at his house. We still had snow, so romping was definitely in order. We hope for more snow in 2010--just enough to be fun--and some crazy romping, without a doubt.

That same day, however, when the humans had their Christmas party, we were sequestered downstairs. We certainly hope--nay, we demand--this practice not become a habit.

New Year's Eve was just for us, at home, together. Uneventful but relaxing and way fun just bein about us. Even though we covet each other's stuff, we know we each have ours, as it should be.

We finally got a fire built, too. So nice and warm. It also reminded us of Montana and the mountains. We look forward to being there again this year. Nothing quite like exploring mountain trails by day and snuggling by a fire at night. Road trip!!!

Is it true that how you ring in the new year is how you'll spend it? If so, our evening was about being together, a crackling fire, a pint of Guinness, and watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Hm, what does that portend...???

01 January 2010

Seventh Heaven!

It's official: we complete us!!! Tanner and Theo are home--no longer foster dogs, they are forever part of the pack! WOOHOO!!! (Not like we didn't know it all along!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! We already love 2010!!!!!!