25 October 2009

Gonna tell everybody I know

Guess what little Theo's all excited about? We got a new camera!!! WOOHOO!!! Finally. The human's been planning to get one for such a loooooong time now. At the risk of sounding like a commercial--Ashton Kutcher we ain't--we love our Nikon cameras! No, we didn't get a super special digital SLR (yet!), just another little CoolPix. This one's the most recent, hot off the press: Nikon S640.

Okay, we do love Nikon, but we're not blindly loyal. Our last CoolPix really sucked--we loved our first one, the very first version. Decision's still out on this one. It's definitely fast enough (though not quite fast enough to keep up with us at full speed). Anyway, we had a beautiful fall day today to test out the new toy.
(BTW, color is a little cool with this camera. And, as you can, see images are a little too contrasty. All these shots were corrected in Photoshop.)

T-Boyz are a little too fast for the camera! But it's a cool blur, no?

Here's the mighty hunter Theo. He looks like a hound dog here (minus the peanut butter and bananas).
The Theo flattened the flying squirrel!
The new camera doesn't handle low light so well. We prefer natural light to flash (as with these pics); flash works okay but is stark, and colors are too cool. Still, not so bad with after-the-fact touch ups. Maybe we can get the human to read the manual--that might help.

23 October 2009

Come on, get happy!

Don't stop til you get enough...

More fun in our yard from 4dogart on Vimeo.

Halcyon Days

Foster bro Tanner went home to his family this week. You might recall that Tan Man came to stay with us when his owner was deployed to Iraq (and the owner's wife dumped the dog at the SPCA--that's a longer story...). For a while, we weren't sure that Tanner's family was going to welcome him back, but they decided they would (at least the husband and two kids decided). Even though we're very happy for Tanner, we do miss him. Hopefully, he's laying in a warm bed or running in a big yard being his goofy, spoiled self. Be well and happy, brah, you always have a place here...

Call us sentimental, but we broke out the old videos. Here's from a little while ago when Tanner was still with us and Kidlat came to stay for a couple weeks. We were eight!

Our Yard from 4dogart on Vimeo.

14 October 2009


[Photo by Dick Clark Photo]

Narra Narra Narra

Why is it always about Narra?! This fall has definitely been all about her. Now, we've even driven all the way out to Ohio for her. You see, we've been attending the German Shepherd Dog Club of America National Specialty for the last five days. The "national" is an annual event where German Shepherd Dogs from all over the country get together to compete in performance events (herding, agility, obedience, rally) and conformation. Of course, sistah is all about performing... She started the week off great in herding--even though one judge thought she was channeling "the wolf" too much--and earned her first title in it. Agility hasn't gone so well, but she has another day of that. Plus, she has rally to do, too!

What about US?! Yeah, we, Tuchuck and Theo, are along for the ride, and that's kinda fun, but we want to do cool stuff, too! We don't get to run around and play enough while waiting for sistah to take care of her bizness. Finally, today, we got to go running for a change. In honor of the boys of summer (Go, Phillies!), we went to Wiggley Field, a local off-leash dog park! Falls colors were looking awesome, and Theo enjoyed his first evuh dog park. We had the whole place to ourselves, for the most part. A couple GSDs from the trial eventually showed up, but we didn't really play with them--Tuchuck was even mean to them because he thought one was being mean to Theo! Anyway, we got our yayas out, so that was quite a relief. Weather hasn't been great (super cold and wet!), but we don't mind--just need to run!

Of course, we like hotels, too. Little Theo's earned his van legs and has become a roadtrip pro (the human even bought him a fancy new crate pad). If we didn't miss Jackson, Rousseau, Angel, and Tanner so much, we'd probably be good driving on for a bit more. The human for sure doesn't want to go back to work. But his work's not as fun as ours![herding photo by Dick Clark Photo]

04 October 2009

The Corgador Giveth

We didn't deserve it, but Wally T. Corgador sent us a great gift: ICE CREAM!!! Actually, he sent the gift belatedly for Narra's birthday, and, of course, we all got to share! By all rights, we kinda deserve it, it's not our fault that our human has neglected our blog. Not only has he got himself super busy, he's roped in Narra and Tuchuck (and occasionally Theo) into the madness. You see, Narra will be competing in the German Shepherd Dog nationals next week, and she's been training and trialing to get ready. She's entered in agility, herding, and rally. Whew. The rest of us are glad we don't have to work that hard. Speaking of, the human does have a job, too. Sheesh, can't a dog get a break around here?

Anyway, here's a little sumpin sumpin from our impromptu ice cream party this afternoon. We apologize to our friends for not having visited blogs in a while--we'll be back, promise!!

Ice Cream Party from 4dogart on Vimeo.