12 February 2010

Always our bestest bud--we'll miss you, Wally

We've had a sad and tearful morning--we said goodbye to the biggest hearted guy we'll ever know. Our best bud Wally had to find some place bigger for that heart of his, that mortal frame just couldn't contain it anymore. He's free to spread his love now, but we'll miss his big head, his big personality and his big sense of humor. One more razzie for the road, dude? Or not. :) Watch out, our human's sending you a big, big hug!

If want to drop a note to Wally's apes, we bet they'd appreciate it. Stop by Wally's blog.

We love you, Wally.

07 February 2010

On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow

Two feet of snow is pretty fun, not to mention a great photo op! :)

Lookin out our front door...
Here's a couple oldies, but goodies
And random play--the best kind!

01 February 2010

Precious Angel

We love our sistah Angel. She's a tough old gal who's gonna enjoy life no matter what. We had a health scare with her a little while ago, but she's fine and tough as ever. But toughness doesn't mean you can't enjoy a big, fluffy bed and some luxurious napping.