28 November 2007

"On the Boulder River"

Yes, Wally, we are ART--yet again. While life is always art for us, at this time of year, our human makes us (literally) a special work for the Canine Partners for Life benefit auction. This year, he made a painting of Buko and Jacks on the Boulder River in Montana's Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. We love it there--we may even take Tuchuck next summer.
UPDATE on our buddy Zion: the neurologist thinks he may not have a degenerative spinal condition. Instead, it may be something called an invertebral disc protrusion in the spine. We don't know what that means, but Zion is on meds that may remedy the situation and relieve the pain. We're very hopeful, but still keeping our paws crossed. Hang in there, buddy!

27 November 2007

Needs a home--and a name!

Don't say you thought this guy was Zion with his ears up... he ain't. In fact, he's got no name--and no home. You can check him out at the Delaware SPCA in Stanton, DE, illustrious former home of Buko and Tuchuck. Call the shelter at 302.998.2281. You can refer to this guy as tag #587.

Our human evaluated "no name" for rescue. The findings? He's cool (the dog, not our human)! He's just a youngster who doesn't know the rules and, consequently, feels a little lost. He wants to be a good boy, but someone needs to teach him how. There's more pictures of him here. [Due to technical difficulties, this webpage may not come up--please keep trying.] You can also check out his Petfinder page.

BTW, if you're wondering about our friend Zion, he has an appointment with the neurologist (it's Buko's doctor!) tomorrow. Hopefully, they can figure out what's wrong and fix it. Everyone keep your paws crossed that Zion will be okay.

21 November 2007

Get Whitey

Our reference to eugenics in the previous post was in no way meant to be glib. We abhor bigotry, especially the kind that masquerades as "objective" science. Bad enough that Buko had to endure prejudice against white shepherds, but we've now learned that the same bias exists against white border collies! Poor Tuchuck, we'll protect you, little bro.

Today, in our ongoing efforts to serve social justice and stick it to the man, we met Zion, a handsome and sweet white boy available for adoption through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue. We all thought Zion was super and liked him a lot. It certainly didn't hurt that he reminded us so much of Buko. Even though Tuchuck never knew Buko, he seemed to like Zion as much as we did. Jacks especially liked Zion, perhaps because Jacks has been most affected by Buko's passing.

What shall we do? Do we bring in one more to join our pack? The human isn't sure. We aren't either. All we know is that we miss Buko, and no one can change that. Stay tuned.

20 November 2007

Party hat minus the favors...

Ladies, you can come out now. The little man had his man bits removed, so you're safe! In fact, look how stupid Tuchuck was: he left in the morning intact, and when he got back, he had traded in his manhood for this silly hat. What a deal, huh?! We're not into eugenics or anything, but that kind of smarts you shouldn't be breeding anyhow! :)

Still, the little guy had enough brass--figuratively speaking--to think he could take Narra... "Bring it on, diaper breath," Narra says. "Let's see what you got (or what you don't got!)." Ha ha ha! Jacks is not amused...
And the winner is...

11 November 2007

Crazy Wisdom

Someone recently suggested to us that our picture of Tuchuck trotting (with hair flowing in the breeze) was reminiscent of an image from Tibetan Buddhism. Uh, what have you been smoking?! The boy has barely learned not to crap in the house, he's pretty far from any kind of spirituality.

Regardless, we were curious enough to check out the pee boy's doppelganger: turns out to be Dorje Trolo, an enlightened samurai, a manifestation of Padmasambhava, who brought Buddhism to Tibet. Dorje Trolo manifests "crazy wisdom" or wisdom "gone wild." According to teacher Chogyam Trungpa, crazy wisdom equates with being "completely awake," being able to tune out the confusion of the world around us and tune into a kind of primordial knowledge.

Uh, yeah, right. The "crazy" part fits Tuchuck pretty well--but he adds to confusion, forget enlightenment. But, hey, we would like to see him ride a pregnant tigress!