26 June 2009

Eyewatch Friday

Scary, huh? Our contribution to buddy Norwood's eYewatch Friday! The pics aren't too crazy, but the DOG is! Haha! (Just kidding, Rousseau, don't get all bent out of shape!) BTW, the human hates his idiot box camera, he's gonna get a new one--look out for better pics!

20 June 2009

"Art is magic delivered from the lie of being truth."

Do you think this guy is cute? Our human seems to think he's kinda like Tuchuck. Well then, if you got Tuchuck at home, why you need to go to the shelter every day to work with this little dude?? As our buddy Wally would say, whatevs.

The human named this guy Theo, and Theo needs some help. He's about 1yo, a Border Collie mix. Theo's been pretty fearful since coming to the shelter, and the human's been trying to help him come out of his shell. Even Narra and Tuchuck went to help, but turns out Theo has a touch of kennel cough. Um, we'll wait til the little guy is better. Theo will be re-checked in a week, and, if all goes well, will be neutered on July 1. After that, he'll be ready to go home! You can check him out at the Delaware SPCA.

We hope by then he's figured out what this world of ours is all about--or, at least, his place in a failed modernist project. Hahahaha! Good luck, little man. :)

19 June 2009

Bedroom eyes

Jackson is the least materialistic and least comfort minded of all us... so why does he get the big, new bed??? (Is it for his BIG head? Hahaha!) Yeah, it's pretty sweet: persimmon. Um, okay. Big brah Jacks does share his new bed with sistah Angel on occasion--but only if she gets there first (otherwise, she does okay on the couch, as you can see).

So we're sharing this little peek at our boudoir... Lest anyone's imagination wanders, however, we've written our names on our picture (as requested--Pippa! :) ) Which is not to say that we necessarily occupy the same positions all the time. On the other hand, the occupants of the human's bed always seem the same!

09 June 2009

Brotherly love... it's where we're at

Wroo Wroo!

Angel says "Thanks!" to buddy Tula for this cool award! It's the International Bloggers Community Award, and we get to pass it on to seven pals...

Here are the specs:
1. The person who tagged you? Tula Monstah
2. His or her site title and URL? http://deel34.blogspot.com/
3. Date you were tagged? May 30, 2009 (sorry we're so late!)
4. Persons you tag?
Wally and the Peppy Sheppys
Lola Smiles
Sophie Brador
And for fun, some new friends that we discovered (or were pointed out to us!)...
General Jackson