29 January 2008

Caramel Candy!

We visited our friend Caramel in Georgia. She has a great fenced-in yard that we could run around in. She even lives with cats--though we were not allowed to chase them. :)

Brotherly Love

Unlike the city we call home, we show true brotherly love! As you can see, Tuchuck is enjoying his first road trip--especially when he gets to curl up with big brother Jacks between the seats. (BTW, that's Tuchuck's new Sense-ation harness he has on. We love it!)

26 January 2008

On the road again

It's about time--and we mean that in regard to a number of things. First, our human chose to abandon us for the start of the new year. He dropped us off with his parental units and headed up to a place called the Vermont Studio Center for solitude and some concentrated work time. Like we prevent him from doing work?! We could've told him he wouldn't like it--and we would've been right. :) Apparently, in that idyllic winter wonderland (near Stowe), there's not much to do other than work. In fact, his life was not un-monastic. He maintained three activities: work, eat, sleep, each of which had its own specific place. We believe in an alternative formula that is qualitatively different: play, eat, sleep--wherever and whenever you want!!!
Once the human came down from that mountain, we immediately had him clean the van and take us on the road--where we are now! Lovely North Carolina, for an agility trial, same one where Narra went loca last year. The human said something about making up for last year's performance. We'll see... What we really want to see is where we go next. All we know for sure is that it's south, and it's warmer. That'll do.

But check what he had done to our van! It was covered in wet paint! So was our human. At least the van cleaned up well.

04 January 2008

2 Dogs 2000 Miles

We try not to talk about Buko too much, but the fact remains that we miss him all the time. Life only looks like it's back to normal; under the surface, we're still pretty lost and confused. And our human is still in a lot of pain. We came across this story today, and it touched us immensely. As much as it hurt, it was also a little comforting.

2 Dogs 2000 Miles is about Malcolm, a 6-year old Great Pyrenees who lost his battle with osteosarcoma, an aggressive form of bone cancer. Malcolm's human promised him that he'd do what he could to rid the world of the disease, and now he's fulfilling his promise. The human and his two dogs will hike from Austin to Boston to raise awareness about canine cancer and to promote canine cancer research. So many have lost loved ones to this disease, and we hate it for taking our Buko. We wish everyone peace and look forward to a cure.

03 January 2008


As a counterpoint to the lame e-card by our human, we share this print from Saturn Press, a letterpress in Swan's Island, Maine. The image was typeset by hand. Credit our human for finding this truth at some artsy place in Burnsville, NC. Go figure.

01 January 2008

That's more like it--sort of

Leave it to our human to do nothing or to go too far. Just as the holiday season winds down, now he decides to be a little festive. No, he did not dress us up. :) But he did make us into a little, pseudo e-card. Bah humbug.
In addition, he even made a holiday video of us. Oh, please. Just a little romp in what little snow we had a while back. You can check out the video here.

Anyway, Happy New Year again!