24 October 2010

A new record!

Whew, time to exhale! We've had a very full last month... First, our human left us--again--and we had to be separated. :( As if being left behind wasn't bad enough, bros Tanner and Stormy actually had to go to JAIL, as in BEHIND BARS!! Bad human, BAD! The rest of us were good for our dogsitter Heidi, though--this time--meaning no fights, no jumping the fence, no other types of shenanigans. When we finally got back together, little Theo had become so anxious that he started, well, you know, *leaking* all over the house (again). And before we could even get back to normal, Uncle Kidlat came to visit! (His humans went some place called Turkey. Mmm, sounds delicious to us--we'll take ours ground and raw, please!)So we were TEN again. Operative word being "were"... because in a matter of days, this dude moved into the studio! (Yo, blue eyes, chillax, way too intense! And, hey, what's the hurry?!) His name is Lucky (though he hasn't been of late, or even of early, we suppose), and he's our latest foster bro. (That's three foster bros in the house now, in case anyone is counting.) Apparently, he was a little off the hook in the shelter and needed some place to chill. ("Lucky" for him the weather just turned, haha!) Not like he's any more on the hook here; we haven't even be able to meet him yet because he's got so much to learn still. Maybe someone else out there can teach him?! He's available for adoption through the Delaware SPCA.

Anyway, yes [deep breath, exhale], Lucky makes us ELEVEN--that's a record for us!
Luckily (haha!), our record number ended just today because Uncle Kidlat went home. Finally. He's fun and all, but he was terrorizing Stormy--he doesn't like the longleggers--so we had to do our yard outings in three shifts!
Yeah, well, this is how we should look... Seven. Our number is Seven. (Do you see everyone? Minus foster bros.)
Tucker and Stormy have adopters! We don't know yet when they'll go home, but November some time probably.