17 November 2009

Harley's World

Party on, Harley! (And give us our blog back.)

Harley's World from 4dogart on Vimeo.

07 November 2009

More Harley

The Cookie Face Welcoming Committee

New foster bro Harley's way fun! T-Boyz just waiting for him to heal up and run for real. But Jacks thinks his current speed is just fine...

06 November 2009

Eight is Enough

We know that Venice has lots of water, but what do they put in it??? Cuz when the human came back, we got a new foster bro!!! Meet Harley...He's a 10-month old GSD who was removed from a "troubled" home. We don't know the nature of the trouble, but it musta been bad, the authorities removed all the animals--and the kids, too!!! Lucky for Harley he's with us now. He's kinda skinny, but he's very sweet and laid back. You can see we're set up for gettin-to-know-you mode, but we already all play together, especially outside. Unfortunately for Harley, he just had his "procedure" yesterday, so he can't really run around and play yet, but he sure wants to! Just leash walking for a little while still, brah. If you know anyone who might be interested in our new baby bro, he's available through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue.