26 April 2007

Tattoo Me!

Oh, yeah, start me up... The human's Narra tattoo is four weeks old today--and presumably fully healed. It looks and feels healed, anyway. The first drawing (which we posted) didn't quite meet our expectations, so the human called upon his own skills to create what we wanted. Afterall, we are talking about FOREVER (this is the closest our human may ever come to anything like a real commitment... haha).

So we are all very pleased with the new body adornment, courtesy tattoo artist Steve T at Olde City Tattoo in Philadelphia. Thank you, Steve! And we'll be back for more--the entire pack has still to be inscribed for posterity! Not to mention brothers Tsamba and Buddy who can't believe they're missing out on all the fun. :)

BTW, here's the drawing our human did. It conveys more of the comic book hero idea, but the cross-hatching just doesn't really translate into the tattoo vernacular. We're glad to have a tat that looks like a tat! Besides, Narra's pretty heroic regardless.


wally said...

Whose bulging bicep is that???

Narra looks fantastic in tattoo or real life form! Now I gotta get my ape to tattoo me on her. Gotta stake my claim.


ps. i think dogs are a bigger commitment than a tattoo. haha! you're committed!

Buko, Jackson, and Narra said...

Wally, you're funny! :) We don't know if "bulging" is the right word--we think of it as lumpy. But we don't want to hurt his feelings...

And, yes, he better be committed to us--where else would we eat and play so well???

We'll lend him to you, though, for dispensing snacks and for helping design tattoos!!!


wally said...

Dudes--I don't know if you know this but your tatted man was looking at other dogs this weekend--little ACDs! Are you going to tolerate that? You gotta keep them on tight leash or they'll try to get away with all kinds of crap.

Also, he gave us STINKY FISH. And the tastiness is directly correlated with the degree of STINK. Mmmmmm.


wally said...

Hey--I heard you guys are going on VACATION. Sweet. We will take extra good care of your chicken backs.