30 July 2008

What if Tuchuck were a pretty, little girl?

Whaddyathink? This super pretty little girl is Ginger--and she's Uncle Kidlat's new girlfriend!!! Can you believe it?! Kidlat hasn't even met Tuchuck yet--watch out when they do! Kidlat started school today and met Ginger as well as a bunch of other new friends. He had an amazing time.

All we have to say is thanks a lot--read severe sarcasm. Not only did the human abandon us for a good part of the day, but he did so to take the puppy to school?! Well, Wally, you're right: looks like if you're not around, we're totally abandoned. Hence the lack of blogging, as our friends may have noticed. Bad human, bad!

21 July 2008

Livin' Large!

Hey, are those Leona Helmsley's dogs?! No, that's our foster brother Boone and his new sister Sadie! :) We just got pictures of Boone from his new family. Our boy's doing great--he's well loved and fitting in just fine. In fact, we hear he's become quite the social butterfly; everyone loves him! We're so happy for you, Boone. (But is it okay if we still miss you a little bit?)

Poor Olive the Octopus

To prepare for our play date, Tuchuck and Rousseau played tug-of-war--at the expense of poor Miss Olive. She's got eight legs, anyway...


WOOHOO!!! We had an encore of last week's playdate! Bonus: Wally, Ethel, and Oscar brought a pool!!! (Thanks for the meatables and fruitables, too, guys!)

We chased balls in the yard, too: chase balls, cool in the pool, chase balls, cool in the pool, chase balls, ...
Of course, "some of us" didn't do anything.
There was something dirty lurking in the grass...
Um, we wonder who was the wettest and dirtiest???
Summer daze, drunk on love? Luv ya, Oscar!!

18 July 2008

Super Play Date!

We had a super play date last Sunday! Our friends Wally, Ethel, and Oscar came over. Our human even took video (which we thought he'd never get around to editing), so now we can re-live the fun over and over!
We wanted to mention that Sadie, the "damsel" at the SPCA (from a previous post), has been adopted! Her name is now Sophie--though she's no La Brador, says Wally--and she joined us at the dog park the other day. Unfortunately, she's not a dog park kinda gal, not yet anyway. We're sure she'll do better once she's settled in to the security of her new family and home. Also, our orphan friend Zip from Missoula was adopted, too!

17 July 2008

Say "uncle"!

Here's our new "uncle"! His name is Kidlat (means "lightning"--HAHAHAHAHA!), and he's a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Our human's parental units brought him home from the breeder on Sunday, and the little guy had his first vet visit yesterday. Clean bill of health!

Our human has been spending a lot of time at Kidlat's house helping the new puppy. We don't know why, because the kid doesn't seem to do much other than lie around.

Anyway, we haven't even met him yet--except Narra, of course. If he's gonna come to our house, he better learn how to run on those little legs!

15 July 2008

You go, Rousseau!

We previously alluded to Rousseau's anxiety over meeting new people, specifically, and new situations, in general. We've been working hard to help him get over his fears, and he's making amazing progress. We had a super play date this past weekend with Wally, Ethel, and Oscar (and their humans), followed by a visit from our human's parental units. Rousseau did great meeting all the new people and even seems to have enjoyed himself! He goes to training class, too (we go along for moral support but stay in the van), and he was awesome last night. And guess what? We went to a dog park after Rousseau's class!! Rousseau and Jacks didn't get to interact with other people or dogs, but they got to meet them through a chain link fence. The old guys did pretty good--there may be hope yet. :)

14 July 2008

We are four--and a half?!

What's that little thing crawling in the grass by Narra??? Whew, thank doG it's not ours! Actually, our human did help pick it, its breeder, etc. The little one belongs to our human's parental units! We expect we'll be seeing him around quite a bit.

What do you think his relationship is to us??? Do we have to call him "uncle"?! :)

Damsel in distress

This young lady was left tied to the gate of the Delaware SPCA. Our human went to see her today and took these pictures. They say she's only 2-years old (we think she's a little younger), and she loves to play! Too bad our house if full! Apparently, she's even had some training, as she responds well to basic commands. As far as we know, she's good with dogs, but we're not sure about cats and kids. :) She's already spayed.

If you'd like more info, you can call the Delaware SPCA directly: 302.998.2281. Tell them you're interested in Sadie!!!

09 July 2008

Feelin' right at home

New bro Rousseau is fitting in just fine. He even went to his first training class already--and hung out in the van to go visiting friends. He's still learning how to meet strangers, but he'll be just fine.

Puppy teeth and puppy love!

On our way home from Montana, we visited our friends Glorie and Mookie in Colorado. Tuchuck and Glorie were meeting for the first time--and it was love at first sight! They never stopped playing! Narra and Mookie were quite happy to be left out of the festivities because those young ones sure have young, sharp teeth!

You can see their video here.

04 July 2008

We are four!!!!

The human always says our number is "four"--so we are now complete! Meet our new brudder, er, brother, ROUSSEAU! He's a four-year old Australian Shepherd mix who is bi-coastal. :) Rousseau's human was moving to San Francisco and, for a number of reasons, couldn't take Rousseau with him. Our human and Rousseau's had become good friends, so we said we'd be happy to have Rousseau be part of our family.

If the situation allows, Rousseau could move to California in the future, but he's in his East Coast home now. And, of course, this will always be his home. Welcome, bro!

We'll miss you, sister Sparkle

We arrived home to some terrible news: Narra's sister Sparkle (Charmbrook's Dancing Sparkle UDX HT OA OAJ ASCA UD) was killed by a car on Sunday, June 29. Sparkle was an amazingly smart, beautiful, and truly awesome dog. Besides being a talented working dog with so many titles before the age of 5, she was the loving and loyal companion to our friend and trainer Nancy. We feel for you, Nancy--and we'll miss you, Sparkle.

Here are Narra, Sparkle, and their brothers at 3 1/2 weeks old
And Sparkle competing in AKC Utility

02 July 2008

Adopt Zip!

As much as he tried to fight it, the human couldn't help but visit the Humane Society of Western Montana before we left Missoula. Here is our orphan of the summer, Border Collie Zip:Zip is a five-month old, neutered male. He's still learning that life can be good and will probably be a happily wild child in the right home. He'll need a little patience, but our human found him to be really smart and responsive to human guidance. Did we mention that he's super cute?!

Beauty and brains?

Okay, we have a little catching up to do... Day 3 at the Missoula dog show was good and bad. Narra was the good, and Tuchuck was, well, baaaad--and not in a good way. Narra earned a second place ribbon in Rally Excellent B with a 95/100 (first place was a 98). The human was very proud of how well she worked. As for Tuchuck, let's just say it's a good thing he finished his title on Sunday. His judge tried to be kind but could only muster a faint smile for the human, saying "Not today, I'm afraid." We won't scare you with the details.

The human entertained himself by watching conformation for a bit. We don't usually concern ourselves with the "beauty pageant" part of dog shows since we're all about the brains part. :) But the human was interested in the Australian Shepherds (foreshadowing!), watched them, and was even more excited when the winner of the Aussies took first in the Herding Group later that afternoon.

As for us, we were had more fun getting away from the dog show. We hung out in Missoula and went back to the dog park. We even got to see some guys surfing on the Clark Fork River. Pretty crazy, Montana. Guess you gotta do what you gotta do. As long as dogs are welcome, we dig ya.