30 July 2008

What if Tuchuck were a pretty, little girl?

Whaddyathink? This super pretty little girl is Ginger--and she's Uncle Kidlat's new girlfriend!!! Can you believe it?! Kidlat hasn't even met Tuchuck yet--watch out when they do! Kidlat started school today and met Ginger as well as a bunch of other new friends. He had an amazing time.

All we have to say is thanks a lot--read severe sarcasm. Not only did the human abandon us for a good part of the day, but he did so to take the puppy to school?! Well, Wally, you're right: looks like if you're not around, we're totally abandoned. Hence the lack of blogging, as our friends may have noticed. Bad human, bad!


Sophie Brador said...

Ginger and Tuchuck look like identical twins. Or clones. Or cylons! They need to meet. I wonder if they will exchange high level communication through eye ball lasers.


wally said...

I guess you didn't call him Two-Chuck for nothing! Ha! Get it? Two-Chucks! Ha!

As for that uncle of yours, my ma ape and granNE are already obsessed with him. We need to devise a plan to undermine his natural puppy cuteness. Would Giardia, Stage II be too obvious?

wally t.

ps. My ma ape had a dream last night that you gave us Tuchuck. AAAAAAAAH! Dream for my sibs, nightmare for me!