23 May 2011

How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm?, part 2

Look where we went!Little Theo got to navigate up to the Finger Lakes to check out this awesome farm for sale. We've been so jealous of Tucker's farm that we want one of our own! Whaddya think? There's crazy cold, snowy winters up there in New York, but we would have so much land to run around on. And summer on those acres would be amazing... Sigh. There's even a pond and creek and some woods. Lotsa playin to be had!Not only that, but we'd get us some SHEEPS! :) Yeah, not like these guys in the pics--we'd have cute, fuzzy ones. (But we'd kinda be okay if some of the goats wanna stay...)
We'd have our own little Beekman Mansion, though it wouldn't be a mansion. And we would need a Farmer John! Not only that, we'd finally be able to have all these foreign dogs move out of the house and have a house of their own. Theo doesn't like sharing!Besides, communing with nature is more our style. We're not into rushing, you know. :) Most important, Narra sure looks good in the country! (Actually, she looks good everywhere!)