24 November 2008

Struck by Lightning

Jackson says, "Hey, little man, WTF?!?! (Where's The Food?!?!)"

Just when we thought the house was a little too quiet, Uncle Kidlat is visiting us for the first time. His name means "lightning"--and it's very appropriate. Although his legs are short (and he's carrying a couple extra pounds), he sure can moveitmoveit. And he never stops! In fact, he's staying with us for a little while so he can learn to mind his Ps and Qs--because we're such good role models! ;) If nothing else, we might tire him out! Because this don't look like no boot camp.

Crouching tiger...
Narra's the one with all the balls!
And our video...

09 November 2008

We've seen fire, and we've seen rain

Foster twins Ricky and Ilsa blew in with Hurricane Hanna two months ago. Today, with more rain, they blew away again, to their new, forever home. Narra and the human delivered them to their new family. Narra assures us that the people are very nice and will love the twins and take good care of them. They better because we don't want them to come back! :) (Visits would be okay!)

On the other hand, the house is a little too quiet tonight (as the human has been all day). Jackson thinks not; the quiet is awesome, he says. Don't get used to it, buddy. :)

02 November 2008

Skipping the light fandango

White has its privileges... Tuchuck and the twins went to the dog park today! They met up with buddy Oscar and a whole crew of fun friends. It was kind of a last hurrah as Ricky and Ilsa will move on to their forever home next weekend. We're glad they got a chance to meet Oscar and see his apes again--the apes were the ones who made the original call on our terrible twosome! :)