31 October 2011

Stormy weather

The nor'easter came and went quickly, just a big wallop. A fleeting blanket of white, then it was gone. And with it, brother Stormy. Through snow, sleet, and dusk, Stormy hopped up into the car, with a bag of food, treats, and new leash, and slipped off to his forever home.

We miss you, big cry baby. Be well, be loved, and have a great life!

As for the rest of us, some whiteness still remains...

21 October 2011


Be afraid, be VERY afraid! Look who's coming... it's THOR!

We used to know him as little Ricky, but he's a big, bruisin' Marvel superhero now! Thankfully, he did not bring his hammer because he's too big as it is, and he keeps bumping into stuff--like us!The blond god's not here to stay, though, just stopping through again on his journey of life. This time, he's had a bit of bad luck. His adopter, you see, recently went through a buncha personal setbacks (lotta that goin around). He called us because he said he needed to find Thor a new home--and he was really sad about it. The guy's moving (just left, actually) for the West coast and couldn't afford to take Thor with him. Literally. He could not afford to transport him cross country. :( Wait, we thought, maybe a rescue transport would be willing to help get Thor to his new home... SO, if any rescue transporters see this, we need HELP!
In the meantime, all's good here. Who said 13 is an unlucky number?! In fact, we might be trading one white dog for another. Don't wanna jinx anything, but Stormy will be visiting a prospective adopter next week. If all works out, he'll have a very special nine-year old girl to call his own. It's only fitting since Stormy is so sweet and special himself. Sniff.
Happy Fall, everyone! We're just approaching peak foliage here--and we're always at peak fun! Wishing you the same!