18 June 2006

Gone and back again

Well, we're clearly not motivated to write/blog. Have just returned from an amazing trip to Montana (via Colorado and Wyoming, returning through South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). Over the course of travel, we realize that we are much more visual beings than verbal ones. Took tons of pictures but didn't really write (or paint, for that matter). BUT big skies, open land, and solitude do wonders for clearing the mind, and--dare we say--spirit. We could also comment on beauty, but I'm not prepared to concede that argument just yet (despite what we experienced as unquestionable evidence of it). In any case, all our pictures are linked on Narra's webpage.

Speaking of which, this trek was strictly two for the road: just Narra and her human. The boys were given a reprieve from climbing elevations and fallen trees. While they may have felt left out, we think they eventually appreciated the comfort of couches.