30 December 2008

O Canada

Look where we're going! WOOHOO!! We've been coveting the snow our friends (shoutout to Lola, Sophie, and Dannan!) have enjoyed in the Great White North! (You know our human has a thing for white...) So we've decided to go!!! :) Actually, the human has work-related activities up there, so we'll be staying for SEVEN weeks! That is, if we ever get going... Normally, we'd be happy that the human is blogging for us, but we've got to go--NOW!!

The only downside to the trip will be that we'll miss Jackson. Old Bones will be spared the rough travel, rougher mountains, and cold weather this time around. :( But he'll stay with Uncle Kidlat, being spoiled by the human's parental units.

AND, in a bit of a surprise, we will remain four: Tanner will go with! His military foster home fell through, so looks like we're it! Hope he's got good van legs!

26 December 2008

Season's Greetings!

Happy Holidays, everyone! We hope you're all enjoying the season. We're not much for either the spiritual stuff or materialism, but we do like it when everyone seems happy. :) We wouldn't have minded a little snow, though. :) Lack of the white stuff hasn't dampened our spirits any, we made a little holiday video...

Snow or not, our Christmas was definitely less white: foster bro Ricky went to his new home on Christmas Eve! Pretty cool present, huh? We miss the crazy pup (the human does especially) but are so happy for him. We hope to see him often--or at least hear how he's doing--because he now lives with one of the vet tech's at our doctor's office. She kinda had a crush on him from the very beginning, so she was happy to have a second chance when his last adoption didn't work out. We think this one's the real deal. Go Ricky!

18 December 2008

We can work it out

The haunting apparition has materialized! And it's not so scary. The process was a little longer than we're used to, but the human wasn't quite sure how friendly spooky Tanner was to us. As Tanner settled in, we got to meet him through a gate (or two!), and we all just got used to being around each other. After doing that for a while, Tanner decided he'd had enough. Silly human wasn't paying attention, and Spooky knocked right through the baby gates. You shoulda seen the human's face: he was brushing his teeth only to turn around and see Tanner and Tuchuck staring at him. Leave it to dogs to take decisive action when humans are being wimps!

We all wanted to check out the new guy. There was a little bit of growling, lots of posturing (mostly by the big boys), but we've managed a civilized detente.

Sometimes, Tanner can be scary, but he's an alright guy. (The human has become very attached to him, in fact. We can only roll our eyes and sigh.)
Ironically--though it's very wonderful--Tanner now has a military foster waiting for him. His human (and the human's wife) have agreed to place Tanner in a temporary situation that will allow them all to be reunited after the serviceman's tour in Iraq. YAY, Tanner! And special thanks to NetPets for providing the foster home and for all they do for our servicemen and women (even if they are endorsed by Donald Rumsfeld)!

07 December 2008

Who Dat?

YOW! Spooky, huh? (We ain't talkin DJ...) This apparition has possessed our studio, and it scares us. Only Narra has encountered it, and she says it isn't too friendly.

The "it" is a dark sable German Shepherd Dog from the SPCA named Tanner. His story is more sad than scary actually. His human was deployed to Iraq, but the human's human couldn't handle the dog. Distraught, she surrendered him to the shelter. Our human saw fit to take Tanner in for a while--we just don't know how long that while will be. Tanner needs a home! If you know anyone who might be interested in a 5-year old, neutered male dog who is--we admit it--astoundingly handsome, send them Tanner's way (via the SPCA). You can also watch Tanner's short video here.

By the way, we'd like to send a shout out to our buddies Wally, Ethel, and Oscar for the bullies (and other treats). How nice of them to include even Tanner! Thanks, guys!! And to our special buddy Wally: glad you're feeling better, dude--we've been thinking of you!

01 December 2008

We can't stand the rain

Bringing back sweet memories...We don't know what it is, but rain has proven an unfortunate portent for us. Not only has today's rainy weather totally sucked--it's been ugly, and we've had to stay inside too much--but it brought back half the terror we call the "twins." And we're not talkin' Zan and Jayna... That's right (you might've recognized the picture), that smilin' goofball is none other than Ricky of "Rick and Ilsa" fame (actually, not THAT Rick and Ilsa).

We feel kinda sorry for him because his adoptive home couldn't handle both him and his sister. At 11-months old and 70+ and 50+ lbs, respectively, the rambunctious pair is quite a handful--and we know that from experience. Our human and Ricky's adoptive family agreed that it would be best for Ricky to come back and stay with us. Poor kid, we told him to behave, but he just can't control himself sometimes. We'll try to teach him a thing or two this time around. Let's hope the next home will be the right one...

For what it's worth, he seems kinda happy to be back, even without Ilsa. And, of course, our silly human is kinda happy that he's back, too. No comment.