30 December 2008

O Canada

Look where we're going! WOOHOO!! We've been coveting the snow our friends (shoutout to Lola, Sophie, and Dannan!) have enjoyed in the Great White North! (You know our human has a thing for white...) So we've decided to go!!! :) Actually, the human has work-related activities up there, so we'll be staying for SEVEN weeks! That is, if we ever get going... Normally, we'd be happy that the human is blogging for us, but we've got to go--NOW!!

The only downside to the trip will be that we'll miss Jackson. Old Bones will be spared the rough travel, rougher mountains, and cold weather this time around. :( But he'll stay with Uncle Kidlat, being spoiled by the human's parental units.

AND, in a bit of a surprise, we will remain four: Tanner will go with! His military foster home fell through, so looks like we're it! Hope he's got good van legs!


Lola Smiles said...

We are looking forward to hearing about your adventures in the Great White North. Please, lotsa pics. Mom misses the mountains! ;0

wally said...

OMD! You should have told us. I would have been willing to trade Oscar for Jackson. You can never have too many old men around! Well, I hope you have a great trip!

wally t.

ps. Thanks for the backs and necks. Your ape is always welcome at our house so long as he brings dozens of pounds of body parts.

Pippa said...

Have a great trip - shame about Tanner's new home, but at least your pack is looking after him.

Best wishes for the new year.

wally said...

Hey guys! Are you in the Great White North yet? Did you even know that Nebraska won???? Did you secretly stop and stay with my GranNE and eat her pastrami?
Oh we miss you already!!

wally t.

Sophie Brador said...

Hey, That's were I'm from!!! Well, almost. I was born just outside of Calgary, but I used to swim in those mountain rivers every day and I've been to Banff a zillion times. Are your apes doing something at the Banff Centre? Or are your apes ski instructors?


P.S. Do all you doggies get to go too? Don't forget your hockey sticks with tin cans to shake when the elk come strolling by.

K27Blogs said...

Hi guys!
I saw you on DWB and wanted to stop in and say hello! I hope you have a great time in Canada. There should be lots of snow for you to play in there! Maybe we can be friends.

Dannan and The Girl said...

OMDog! You're going to be just next door to us! (Well, in the province next to us...) Your trip sounds pawsome! If we were closer, we'd hop in the car and come visit, but The Girl says it's too far in the winter conditions.

Hey, Jackson, have an excellent time over at Uncle Kidlat's house! But don't tell the hoomans, let them feel guilty for leaving you behind! All the while, you'll be warm and spoiled! And you'll get the guilt treats and attention when they come home!

It's too bad to hear about Tanner's foster home falling through, but at least he gets to come to CANADA! Wroo!!!

Happy WROO Year, and drive safe, guys!
Brown dog kisses,

Sophie Brador said...

Aw geez. I wonder if I can get us moved back out West in time to hang with you guys in Banff. I'll start working on that, except that we are having the best snow storm ever in Montreal today. The snow is calling me.


Penny, Poppy & Patches said...

Ahhhhhhh...the great white north...or as our mom calls it: the frozen wasteland of the North! She grew up in Northeastern Ohio and doesn't miss the winters AT ALL! WE, however, would sure like to try out some snow! You are going to have sooooo much fun! Be careful and have a very safe and fun trip!

Poppy, Penny & Patches