18 September 2010

Stormy weather

We thought we were in for rough skies, but the forecast says the bad clouds have cleared away. We hope that's true! We don't mind the current conditions, even though it is... Stormy! Woohoo! That's new foster bro Stormy in da house!

He was really scared when he first arrived, but he's starting to come around. He was REALLY scared of the human (haha, how ridiculous is that?!). He was even too scared to walk around the yard. Anyway, he's starting to feel more comfortable, so we're helping him along.

He has a bit to learn about sharing still, but we think he'll eventually get it. Other than that, he seems like a real catch. If you know anyone who might be interested, Stormy's available for adoption through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue. BTW, his Petfinder page says he's in Illinois, but, trust us, he's here!

12 September 2010

We're back, we're bad!

He's white, she's mad!
Oh, yeah, sistah's crazy! But wouldn't you be without some serious play for over a year?! Narra hasn't competed in agility since the German Shepherd Dog nationals last fall. And Tuchuck's just getting his agility life under way...
Both had a super fun weekend (well, at least one day of it) at a USDAA agility trial. And, well, in all modesty, Tuchuck kicked some serious bootie. He brought home the booty as well: two blue ribbons! Narra didn't bring the loot, but she always feeds the need for speed!!

[Professional photos by Barry Rosen Photography]

04 September 2010

Short-legged Revolution

Discrimination! Discrimination, we say! Yes, little Duncan and little Tucker absconded with the human to Uncle Kidlat's house today, leaving the big dogs in their dust.
What they did there is anyone's guess, but we fear they're plotting short-legged revolution. Our friends the Peppy Sheppys already warned us that corgis seek world domination. Uncle Kidlat may well have joined their ranks and is now recruiting under-30lb accomplices (wait, is Uncle Kidlat under 30lbs?!).

Look, they were practicing paw-to-paw combat! Brace yourselves, these guys mean business!