09 March 2008

Ah, Sunday morning...

All that's missing are the bagels and the Times.

06 March 2008

Cheatin' side of town

Who's this guy??? His smell is all over our human. Maybe a one-time thing could be forgiven, but repeated transgressions are inexcusable. And how disrespectful to parade that odor around our house!

Okay, okay, maybe we're overreacting. This guy's name is Ruskin, and his story is actually quite sad. His 86-year-old human has fallen ill and can't take care of him anymore. The sick man's son took Ruskin to the Delaware SPCA to be euthanized, because he said the dog doesn't like strangers. Our human and the shelter folks haven't found Ruskin to be problematic, but the shelter wants to be sure before they adopt him out. For now, they prefer Ruskin to go to a rescue. Until then, our human has been going to the SPCA to work with this big boy. We don't really like sharing, but since we've had to do so much of it lately, we'll let this one go.