19 July 2006

An "Excellent" Adventure!

It's official: Narra is now a "Companion Dog Excellent"! She finished her CDX title at a big show up in Burlington, VT (thank you, Woodstock Dog Club!), with no less than a 192.5 out of 200. Not enough for a placement, but when fourth place went to a 196, you know competition was tough. We'll take it!

Although we were entered through the entire weekend, the super performance on Friday liberated us. Rather than kicking it with the dog show crowd, we decided to escape for the mountains. Unfortunately, having just come from Montana, we weren't terribly excited by the Green Mountains. We went to the White Mountains, too, but they also fell short. So, what else to do but make the pilgrimage to Katahdin? Not quite Montana's Crazies, but the solitude and open expanses of Maine were welcome.

The only problem: what's with Baxter State Park not allowing dogs?!?! We drove all the way up to the north entrance of the park only to be turned away. Being the law abiding, respectful pack that we are, we did not force the issue. Afterall, we figure access to the park was lost because of irresponsible behavior. We don't want people in the parks thinking dogs don't belong there--because we know they do!

Regardless, Buko was just happy not having to compete. Luckily, though, he will have plenty more chances! And all the while, Jacks was home making sure the air conditioning would be operating well for us when we got back. (Our pictures here.)