06 September 2009

A Day at the Agility Trial

Check it out! Look who hopped on the Buddy mobile and spent a day at the agility trial! Yup, little Theo got his groove on and ventured forth to meet the world. He wasn't entirely comfortable, but his curiosity and excitement balanced out the anxiety (for the most part). He made amazing progress today (even though the human may have overloaded him a bit). Don't worry, little man, the world's a wondrous place--way to go!

When we arrived, Tuchuck gave Theo the lowdown on what goes on at an agility trial.
Theo seems to be a leg man--short legs!
Tuchuck wondered when he'd be going in the ring. Not today, buddy, sorry.
Lots of BC cousins running around today. Theo was engrossed!
Nothing like relaxing in the van after an event-filled day. Ahhh.
Cookie face contentment.We're lucky the temps were mild today--the only thing HOT was Narra!!! More on her day later...

04 September 2009

eYewatch Friday: Birthday edition

Narra celebrated a birthday this week! She's a matronly six years old. Hahahaha!!! Okay, yeah, she's not really matronly. :) In fact, she got some pretty cool stuff on her special day for her activities. She got a new tug toy for agility called a flappy. It's pretty cool, but we have yet to see how long it lasts. Our sistah ain't dainty, in case ya didn't notice. ;)
She's a Babe! She also got a suburban, bougie version of a shepherd's crook (wait, is that really for her or the human??). It's functional, we suppose, but not long in the looks department--unlike our sistah. We'll try to post pictures soon. For now, that'll do.

But watch out, boys, she ain't the sharin kind.

Happy eYewatch Friday, everyone! Enjoy a super fun weekend!!