04 September 2009

eYewatch Friday: Birthday edition

Narra celebrated a birthday this week! She's a matronly six years old. Hahahaha!!! Okay, yeah, she's not really matronly. :) In fact, she got some pretty cool stuff on her special day for her activities. She got a new tug toy for agility called a flappy. It's pretty cool, but we have yet to see how long it lasts. Our sistah ain't dainty, in case ya didn't notice. ;)
She's a Babe! She also got a suburban, bougie version of a shepherd's crook (wait, is that really for her or the human??). It's functional, we suppose, but not long in the looks department--unlike our sistah. We'll try to post pictures soon. For now, that'll do.

But watch out, boys, she ain't the sharin kind.

Happy eYewatch Friday, everyone! Enjoy a super fun weekend!!


Ms. ~K said...

Happy, Yappy Barkday Narra!
You're looking good!!!

wally said...

HAPPY BURPDAY NARRA! You don't look a day over 2 in the looks department or a day under 8 in the brains department (after that the brain goes in decline, I hear).

Can't wait to see you rockin' out the shepherd's crook and giving the sheep the what for.

wally t.

Stanislaw said...

You dudes are AWESOME! And Tuchuck - you remind me of my bro with that sweet eye patch.

Can I come live with you? You look like a pack of party animals!!1

Bruce said...

your pal,

Scout and Freyja said...

We are sending to you belated ♥HAPPY BIRTHDAY♥ wishes because we just found you!

Lola Smiles said...

Best birthday wishes for a sweet GSD sistah! You rock Narra! Enjoy the goodies! xo


Narra! Happy Birthday! I don't like to share either.. but if you could just take a picture of one crumb-I wanna try to get it.

tula said...

Happy Burpday Narra- u got some good stuff- not quite sure about the shepard's crook. is that fun too?? umm.. i wouldn't share either. it is YOUR bday!

belly rubs,