29 March 2009

California Dreamin'

We can't stop thinkin about Cali... Sigh. We're dying to chase ridiculous waves and salt-water-logged tennis balls. We've heard tell of a mystic beach in Santa Cruz which is OFF LEASH!!! Sigh. We surfed (pun intended!) and found this pic. Check out its site for more--if you can stand it. :) Donna Haraway, here we come!!!

Pocket, teacup, or mini?

The human's got the extended fam on his mind--he just missed a buncha parties! Too bad they live so far away, all the way out in Cali. At least he got to visit them recently (leaving us behind!). Turns out we have cousins on the left coast, too! This little one is Kelly. Look, she's crazy about tennis balls, too! We even have a 13yo GSD cousin out there named Casey--she lives with Poms!!! Yikes! We wanna visit out there, too!

Gratuitous artsy pic...

24 March 2009

You asked, but don't tell

During our recent hiatus from blogging (ahem), we had plenty of time to think about secrets, honesty, and confessions. No, we're not seeking to right our moral compass or anything like that--that wouldn't be any fun. Just that we've been tagged by our friend Tula to open up and share some of our deepest and darkest. So here's our honest scrap... Don't tell, okay? ;)

#1 Narra is neither a pop/country music phenomenon nor a sitar virtuoso's daughter, despite her nickname: Narra Jones.

#2 Jackson is special but not "special." He has his full faculties about him. In fact, he successfully resisted an animal communicator's efforts at a Vulcan mind probe. All she could say was "I see water..."

#3 We love kibble. (But we love our raw food, too!)

#4 We don't really like watching Sportscenter over and over again while the human is away. Animal Planet is okay, but we don't really dig those baby shows. We don't see enough of Dr. Fitzgerald anymore. :(

#5 Tuchuck will steal apples. They are his most favoritest thing, and he has been known to go vertical to snatch them from unsuspecting hands--and mouths!

#6 Narra doesn't think dog parks are all that. Give her a ball, and she's got her own party going on wherever she's at. Besides, who do those other dogs think they are, anyway?

#7 Rousseau is not innocent. He may be sweet, but watch out: if he gets the chance, he'll slip you the tongue.

#8 Tanner's real world sibling (the one who actually lives in HIS house) is a pug.

#9 Our opinion on roadtrips is diammetrically opposed to that of the human: he loves being on the road, we just wanna GET THERE.

#10 We are Donna Haraway groupies.

We have no idea whom to tag because everyone we know (and you're not that many) has probably done this already. We'll just jump on the "do it if you want to" bandwagon, okay?

Thanks for reading!

(Whew, we're tired--again.)

23 March 2009

Who Dat, part 2: Ghost in the Machine

We told the human he'd better get at it, or else we'll lose all our blogging buddies! "Wait," he says, "I've gotta help a dog..." Um, we say, we're FIVE dogs that need help! A fine excuse indeed.

Uh huh. Another excuse, another apparition--first, it haunted the studio, then our car. Does he look Dandy? Because that's his name. BWAHAHAHAHA! We don't know if he is or not, because we didn't get to meet him. But we think it's just dandy that he only stayed the night. We hear he's shacking up with a Shih Tzu now. Double BWAHAHAHAHA!! Okay, seriously: Dandy is HW+ and not yet neutered, but he will be all taken care of. When he is, he'll be available for adoption through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue. Watch out world, Dandy's comin atcha!

More later, we promise!