23 March 2009

Who Dat, part 2: Ghost in the Machine

We told the human he'd better get at it, or else we'll lose all our blogging buddies! "Wait," he says, "I've gotta help a dog..." Um, we say, we're FIVE dogs that need help! A fine excuse indeed.

Uh huh. Another excuse, another apparition--first, it haunted the studio, then our car. Does he look Dandy? Because that's his name. BWAHAHAHAHA! We don't know if he is or not, because we didn't get to meet him. But we think it's just dandy that he only stayed the night. We hear he's shacking up with a Shih Tzu now. Double BWAHAHAHAHA!! Okay, seriously: Dandy is HW+ and not yet neutered, but he will be all taken care of. When he is, he'll be available for adoption through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue. Watch out world, Dandy's comin atcha!

More later, we promise!

1 comment:

wally said...

Whew! Thank GOODNESS this Dandy didn't wind up at my house!

And now your ape will have plenty of time to devote to you five.

wally t.

ps. You can have our dandy back, too.