29 March 2009

Pocket, teacup, or mini?

The human's got the extended fam on his mind--he just missed a buncha parties! Too bad they live so far away, all the way out in Cali. At least he got to visit them recently (leaving us behind!). Turns out we have cousins on the left coast, too! This little one is Kelly. Look, she's crazy about tennis balls, too! We even have a 13yo GSD cousin out there named Casey--she lives with Poms!!! Yikes! We wanna visit out there, too!

Gratuitous artsy pic...


Sophie Brador said...

Love the gratuitous artsy pic. I might download it and paint some poms on it.

I will totally meet you guys in Central Park!


wally said...

Artsy, I see. My ma ape takes "artsy" photos in the a.m. before she's had her coffee to steady her hand. Intervention, here we come!

wally t.