28 December 2009

Jingle Funbells!

Rousseau and the Sheps overflowing with holiday spirit!
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25 December 2009

EyeWatch Friday: Happy Holidays!

Angel and Theo play reindeer games! Happy Christmas, friends!

20 December 2009

Happy Holidays!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Be well and happy!!!

Jackson, Narra, Tuchuck, Rousseau, Tanner, Angel, Theo, and even Tristan

Joy! from 4dogart on Vimeo.

19 December 2009

Eight is Enough: the Sequel

Please excuse our house--the human is completely useless when it comes to that sort of thing... It's sooooo embarrassing.


Do we really need to say anything more?

18 December 2009

EyeWatch Friday: dry bed edition

It's been a while since we've posted for Norwood's Eyewatch Friday, but we're back! We don't know why he rates it, but here's our little one--with the big, soft, bovine eyes. He gets away with murder because of those things!
Here is Theo in the bed, um, before he wet it!

17 December 2009

A moment for Graham Rabbit Riggins McGrey

We're very sad here because our friend Sophie lost her brother yesterday. Brother Graham suffered a horrible illness, but he's pain free now and outrunning the stars.

16 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday

White Knight

"...he's gotta be fast, and he's gotta be fresh from the fight..."(Um, let's not mention fights, okay?) Here he is! This is new foster bro Tristan. We picked him up on the way home from the cape a couple weeks ago. We've actually had a bit of adjusting to do. Tristan doesn't speak "dog" really well, and we've had to learn how to interact with each other. Big bro Tanner and Tristan have had particular "issues," but they're doing okay.

We're all managing as you can see. And Tristan is starting to kinda fit in. He's still got lots to learn (like how to play), but we've learned a little patience, too. He's become really attached to the human, though we find him kinda annoying because he always wants attention. Tristan is another Echo dog, so if you know anyone wanting to adopt a big, goofy--albeit physical--white shepherd, please direct them there.

His Isolde must be out there somewhere...

03 December 2009

You say goodbye, I say hello

WOOHOO!!! Look where we went last weekend... Cape Cod!Okay, more on that in a second. We've got some updating to do... First, some of you more observant types might have noticed that Tanner appears in Harley's video, even AFTER he was supposed to have gone home. Well, it's a sad story, and we'll make it short: Tanner's previous family tried to take him back, but they just couldn't make it work. Not through any fault of Tanner's, but those people have some things to work out among themselves. We're not sayin, we're just sayin. Anyway, big bro Tanner is back home with us--again. And we're happy to have him.

Okay, what about all these beach pics, you ask? Funny you should mention that...We actually went up to the Cape to take Harley to his new home! Yup, our little boy has moved on. Sigh. We miss him, but he's in a terrific home. We know for a fact because we visited there. The people were super nice: they gave us toys and food and everything! And they didn't even care that we made a royal mess of their house. They loved it!! You see, they lost their white shepherd in October, and they haven't had a dog in their house since. They said FOUR is FUN! Heehee...

Harley's livin large now, on the sea, bein a harbormaster, er, a harbormaster's dog. Watch out for him standing guard on the poop deck! Have fun, Harley boy, we miss you!
After saying goodbye to Harley, we had to take the opportunity to play a bit. We found a great B&B in Hyannis that welcomes dogs, so we told the human to pull right on up and check us in! We didn't get to spend that much time there because there were too many beaches to check out--and so little time. Why is it always like that?

As usual, we missed the guys back home, but we still had fun!

BTW, lest we get too comfortable without Harley, we pulled off the interstate on our way home and picked up new foster bro Tristan. More on him later...

17 November 2009

Harley's World

Party on, Harley! (And give us our blog back.)

Harley's World from 4dogart on Vimeo.

07 November 2009

More Harley

The Cookie Face Welcoming Committee

New foster bro Harley's way fun! T-Boyz just waiting for him to heal up and run for real. But Jacks thinks his current speed is just fine...

06 November 2009

Eight is Enough

We know that Venice has lots of water, but what do they put in it??? Cuz when the human came back, we got a new foster bro!!! Meet Harley...He's a 10-month old GSD who was removed from a "troubled" home. We don't know the nature of the trouble, but it musta been bad, the authorities removed all the animals--and the kids, too!!! Lucky for Harley he's with us now. He's kinda skinny, but he's very sweet and laid back. You can see we're set up for gettin-to-know-you mode, but we already all play together, especially outside. Unfortunately for Harley, he just had his "procedure" yesterday, so he can't really run around and play yet, but he sure wants to! Just leash walking for a little while still, brah. If you know anyone who might be interested in our new baby bro, he's available through Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue.

25 October 2009

Gonna tell everybody I know

Guess what little Theo's all excited about? We got a new camera!!! WOOHOO!!! Finally. The human's been planning to get one for such a loooooong time now. At the risk of sounding like a commercial--Ashton Kutcher we ain't--we love our Nikon cameras! No, we didn't get a super special digital SLR (yet!), just another little CoolPix. This one's the most recent, hot off the press: Nikon S640.

Okay, we do love Nikon, but we're not blindly loyal. Our last CoolPix really sucked--we loved our first one, the very first version. Decision's still out on this one. It's definitely fast enough (though not quite fast enough to keep up with us at full speed). Anyway, we had a beautiful fall day today to test out the new toy.
(BTW, color is a little cool with this camera. And, as you can, see images are a little too contrasty. All these shots were corrected in Photoshop.)

T-Boyz are a little too fast for the camera! But it's a cool blur, no?

Here's the mighty hunter Theo. He looks like a hound dog here (minus the peanut butter and bananas).
The Theo flattened the flying squirrel!
The new camera doesn't handle low light so well. We prefer natural light to flash (as with these pics); flash works okay but is stark, and colors are too cool. Still, not so bad with after-the-fact touch ups. Maybe we can get the human to read the manual--that might help.

23 October 2009

Come on, get happy!

Don't stop til you get enough...

More fun in our yard from 4dogart on Vimeo.

Halcyon Days

Foster bro Tanner went home to his family this week. You might recall that Tan Man came to stay with us when his owner was deployed to Iraq (and the owner's wife dumped the dog at the SPCA--that's a longer story...). For a while, we weren't sure that Tanner's family was going to welcome him back, but they decided they would (at least the husband and two kids decided). Even though we're very happy for Tanner, we do miss him. Hopefully, he's laying in a warm bed or running in a big yard being his goofy, spoiled self. Be well and happy, brah, you always have a place here...

Call us sentimental, but we broke out the old videos. Here's from a little while ago when Tanner was still with us and Kidlat came to stay for a couple weeks. We were eight!

Our Yard from 4dogart on Vimeo.