23 October 2009

Halcyon Days

Foster bro Tanner went home to his family this week. You might recall that Tan Man came to stay with us when his owner was deployed to Iraq (and the owner's wife dumped the dog at the SPCA--that's a longer story...). For a while, we weren't sure that Tanner's family was going to welcome him back, but they decided they would (at least the husband and two kids decided). Even though we're very happy for Tanner, we do miss him. Hopefully, he's laying in a warm bed or running in a big yard being his goofy, spoiled self. Be well and happy, brah, you always have a place here...

Call us sentimental, but we broke out the old videos. Here's from a little while ago when Tanner was still with us and Kidlat came to stay for a couple weeks. We were eight!

Our Yard from 4dogart on Vimeo.


wally said...

Tanner is lucky he got to live with you guys. They better spoil him (though obvs his home will be less awesome than his foster home.) I bet his pug bro is tired of hearing stories that begin "One time, at my foster house..."

Um, I think Kidlat is the same size as me. And I'm half lab. My ma ape still thinks the chub tub is overwhelmingly cute.

wally t.

Katherine and Pippa said...

Hope Tanner is ok.