04 October 2009

The Corgador Giveth

We didn't deserve it, but Wally T. Corgador sent us a great gift: ICE CREAM!!! Actually, he sent the gift belatedly for Narra's birthday, and, of course, we all got to share! By all rights, we kinda deserve it, it's not our fault that our human has neglected our blog. Not only has he got himself super busy, he's roped in Narra and Tuchuck (and occasionally Theo) into the madness. You see, Narra will be competing in the German Shepherd Dog nationals next week, and she's been training and trialing to get ready. She's entered in agility, herding, and rally. Whew. The rest of us are glad we don't have to work that hard. Speaking of, the human does have a job, too. Sheesh, can't a dog get a break around here?

Anyway, here's a little sumpin sumpin from our impromptu ice cream party this afternoon. We apologize to our friends for not having visited blogs in a while--we'll be back, promise!!

Ice Cream Party from 4dogart on Vimeo.


wally said...

Dudes! I want to come to the ice cream party! Looks fun. But Jackson, you gotta protect your loot from interlopers. Don't let the newbies take what is rightfully yours.

wally t.

Sam said...

Mmmmmm.... Ice cream.... Sam wishes he had some...

Sophie Brador said...

Oh man! That looks so yummy. I just gotta tell Wally when my birthday is. Maybe I can eat the flat dog's icecream too,