21 February 2009

All together now

Tuchuck says "Welcome!" Welcome home to us, that is! Hooray, we're home, and we're together!!! The human just got home the other night; then, yesterday, Narra and Tuchuck went to Uncle Kidlat's house to get Jackson. We've got a full house again, and, more importantly, a full yard, too! The Canadian Rockies were beautiful--and we had some fun there--but it's nice to kick back and relax at home again. The human agrees. Even though he had a great time at the Banff Centre, he says he's happy to be home with us. We know. :)

14 February 2009

Across the River Road

Well, our time in the Canadian Rockies has ended... with the van's being totaled (and because of obnoxious, anti-dog neighbors), the human decided we might just as well pack it up. He didn't quite finish up his work, though, so he drove us home in the van and hopped a plane back to the mountains. Is it any wonder we haven't blogged in so long?!

Anyway, we're quite happy to be back in our house, with our yard. We're still waiting to reunite with Jackson who's staying at Uncle Kidlat's til the human comes home for good.

So we're just posting about the end of our days, a little reminiscence, in a way. So long, Sleeping Buffalo, it's been quite an adventure.

(BTW, the pic is us overlooking the Mississippi, just waitin to reach that Eastern time zone!)

Wild about art

We're happy to report we got our van back! Woohoo! Unfortunately, the insurance did indeed decide to write it off. Too much body work apparently, but the mechanics seem to be fine--uh, we hope so, especially since we were allowed to drive it back home. In any case, having our wheels back allowed us to be mobile once again--even though the human was constantly terrified behind the wheel--and we got to do some fun stuff before leaving the mountains.

Since our time grew limited, however, the human was spending more time, particularly nights in the studio. On the other hand, we got to go! We did some moonlight trekking on the frozen trails of Sleeping Buffalo Mountain. Plus, socialites Narra and Tuchuck got to hang out in the studio! They were a big hit with the other artists, though spent much of their time waiting to get out of the studio...

Rousseau's pillow

A perk of having humans around...

Tourists--but oh the view

We received a nice surprise the other week: the human's parental units came to visit! (We know they really came to see for themselves that we had really survived the accident.) On the flip side, we waited at home a lot while they did touristy things. Sounds and looks like they had a good time--but how come we didn't get to go along??!

They rode the Banff Gondola and took in amazing views of the mountains and valley. That's the Bow River down there. Plus, you can't really tell from this angle, but that's Sleeping Buffalo Mountain in the center, known by colonial types as Tunnel Mountain. Also known as our second home away from home: the Banff Centre.
The humans also rode up to Bow Lake--via Lake Louise--and visited legendary mountain man Jimmy Simpson's lodge, Num-Ti-Jah (meaning Pine Martin). We hear they host artists in residence up there... hmm...:)
The big news, of course, was that on the way to Bow Lake, they saw our cousin the Grey Wolf in Banff National Park. We wish we coulda been there to run with the pack!The humans didn't get a good picture, btw, so we borrowed this one: © Parks Canada, Guindon, A., 1998.