14 February 2009

Tourists--but oh the view

We received a nice surprise the other week: the human's parental units came to visit! (We know they really came to see for themselves that we had really survived the accident.) On the flip side, we waited at home a lot while they did touristy things. Sounds and looks like they had a good time--but how come we didn't get to go along??!

They rode the Banff Gondola and took in amazing views of the mountains and valley. That's the Bow River down there. Plus, you can't really tell from this angle, but that's Sleeping Buffalo Mountain in the center, known by colonial types as Tunnel Mountain. Also known as our second home away from home: the Banff Centre.
The humans also rode up to Bow Lake--via Lake Louise--and visited legendary mountain man Jimmy Simpson's lodge, Num-Ti-Jah (meaning Pine Martin). We hear they host artists in residence up there... hmm...:)
The big news, of course, was that on the way to Bow Lake, they saw our cousin the Grey Wolf in Banff National Park. We wish we coulda been there to run with the pack!The humans didn't get a good picture, btw, so we borrowed this one: © Parks Canada, Guindon, A., 1998.

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wally said...

That wolf looks JUST like me. Next time they will have to take you tourist-ing next time so the wildlife doesn't get you!

wally t.