25 January 2009

Is it spring yet?

As they say, "be careful what you want..." We love snow, we love being outside--but it doesn't have to be -14˚F outside (like it was last night) for there to be snow!!! Actually, we're at a balmy 7˚F right now (we don't want to know the wind chill). Too cold for us! And totally way too cold for the human. To top it off, we had no water this morning, and the heat went out! Water finally came back on, but the furnace is still wonky, we think. We're cold! We give up! Can we be done with the adventure now?

We'll just cuddle up by the fire til it's time to go home...

19 January 2009

Comfort food

Sigh. Well, the wrong birds won today--and we're a little sad about it. We tried to be nonchalant, but the game was a pretty nerve wracking. The human comforted himself with food (of course): some familiar stuff from back home and a local brew to wash it down with.Yup, that's brats (Italian sausage, really)--a nod to "home" state Wisconsin--and a locally brewed honey wheat ale called Grumpy Bear, from the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company. The human was hoping to find some of his favorite Moose Drool around here, but no such luck. Ha, no sympathy here, he didn't even share with us. And, what, no ketchup?!

17 January 2009

In support of Best Friends Animal Society

(Sorry if the Imeem player doesn't work/show correctly, but the song link should be fine. For more info on Neko Case and donations to the Best Friends Animal Society, follow this link. Or go directly to the Best Friends website. Thanks!

ps. We learned about this from the Brat Pack's blog--thanks!)

16 January 2009

Out and about--finally!

We finally got to go out and play!!! We'd been meaning to check out the offleash area by the Nordic Centre, but we've been trapped in the apartment forever! Finally, we all loaded up in the car (the rental--no news on the van yet) and did some exploring. Ah, it was great to stretch our legs for a change! Pretty nice up here, huh?

11 January 2009

Good on ya

Narra and Tanner very nonchalant about the Eagles' win today...

10 January 2009

We may have to stay

Our first pictures from Banff/Canmore... Look at our new place! :) Although we totally miss our yard, we have pretty amazing views here. Here we are enjoying our balcony. Excellent, eh? We even had elk right outside our front door. And we went to the off-leash area yesterday, too--thank doG! Plus, we don't even think it's cold!

For the bad news: the body shop thinks our insurance may total the van. Oh, no! How will we get home?!
The inside of our place is nice, too. Here we are waiting for the playoffs. Go Iggles!!! (We know, they're tomorrow...)

08 January 2009

Who's your uncle?

Just as we've been missing Jackie, look what we got in our email! Looks like Uncle Kidlat is taking good care of him. Um, but shouldn't your section of the bed be proportionate to your body size?!

Visions of snowflakes

Inspired by the snow-capped mountains and Lola's puppy pic, the human resurrected some of our own memories. (Also because we're missing Jacks...) Look at baby Narra at just over 13-weeks old!

07 January 2009

Slip slidin away

We made it! But barely. These pictures are from Wisconsin, where we had the last good weather of a very long drive. After that, weather and road conditions proved a bit too challenging for the human. We won't go into the excruciating, ugly story, suffice it to say we're lucky to have made it here in one piece. The van wasn't so lucky: it's in the body shop for an amount of time yet to be determined. More of an adventure than we like. Ugh.

On the other hand, it's amazingly beautiful this Great White North. Oh, and did we mention there's SNOW?!?!?!!! Oh, yeah, and SNOW!!! Um... SNOW!!! :)

Always thinking about You-Know-Who

But he don't need no correction! :)

We miss you, big head! We hope Uncle Kidlat is taking good care of you!