17 January 2009

In support of Best Friends Animal Society

(Sorry if the Imeem player doesn't work/show correctly, but the song link should be fine. For more info on Neko Case and donations to the Best Friends Animal Society, follow this link. Or go directly to the Best Friends website. Thanks!

ps. We learned about this from the Brat Pack's blog--thanks!)


Lola Smiles said...

WooT! That is so cool. Mom's going to post this to the blog later! Merci!

wally said...

We couldn't get the player to work on our blog. Harumph! But we posted the link. We heart Neko Case! And people DO have a lot of nerve.

And please tell your ape that he needs to discourage the madness with the Neo. That elephant would eat us outta house and home! (And he would compete with me for Biggest Head, though if I could train him to boss around the other two that would be AWESOME)

wally t.