16 January 2009

Out and about--finally!

We finally got to go out and play!!! We'd been meaning to check out the offleash area by the Nordic Centre, but we've been trapped in the apartment forever! Finally, we all loaded up in the car (the rental--no news on the van yet) and did some exploring. Ah, it was great to stretch our legs for a change! Pretty nice up here, huh?


Dannan and The Girl said...

Oh, you doggies are going to love it there! Glad you finally were able to get out and about! WROOOOO!!!!

Brown dog kisses,

wally said...

Oooooh fun! My ma ape says that Narra looks especially pretty in the first picture. I think she'd look better with me next to her.

I went to the field today and was whiny because my pawpaws got cold so maybe it is best I am not in the cold.

You make sure your ape gets plenty of fun time so he doesn't get cabin fever!

wally tamale.

Lola Smiles said...

You guys look great in the Rockies! Sooo pretty and sooo very lucky! I'd love to hug a tree or two out there!

stay safe!

Pippa said...

Go away Wally. I thought Narra looked gorgeous and would look far better with me next to her than you.

Except I don't like the cold and that white stuff tanpoco.