10 January 2009

We may have to stay

Our first pictures from Banff/Canmore... Look at our new place! :) Although we totally miss our yard, we have pretty amazing views here. Here we are enjoying our balcony. Excellent, eh? We even had elk right outside our front door. And we went to the off-leash area yesterday, too--thank doG! Plus, we don't even think it's cold!

For the bad news: the body shop thinks our insurance may total the van. Oh, no! How will we get home?!
The inside of our place is nice, too. Here we are waiting for the playoffs. Go Iggles!!! (We know, they're tomorrow...)


Tibby said...

It looks like you are having a wonderful time! It's very beautiful there! Sorry to hear about your van, I'm sure you will get home somehow!

wally said...

Lookin' good! Are we going to have to come rescue you? I might need some rescuin' from the Iggles game!

wally t.

Lola Smiles said...

You guys are looking great out there! Being stuck in Banff is not such a bad thing you know! Enjoy and stay safe!

Sophie Brador said...

You guys are making me so jealous! Good to see that my mountains are still there. I sure hope everything works out okay with your transportation. I'm sure there are lots of people around there who can help you out with new wheels, if you need some. I will think about people in Calgary I might know who could help as well. Although, if you end up with a Canadian car, you'll have to get used to driving 100 all the time!