19 January 2009

Comfort food

Sigh. Well, the wrong birds won today--and we're a little sad about it. We tried to be nonchalant, but the game was a pretty nerve wracking. The human comforted himself with food (of course): some familiar stuff from back home and a local brew to wash it down with.Yup, that's brats (Italian sausage, really)--a nod to "home" state Wisconsin--and a locally brewed honey wheat ale called Grumpy Bear, from the Grizzly Paw Brewing Company. The human was hoping to find some of his favorite Moose Drool around here, but no such luck. Ha, no sympathy here, he didn't even share with us. And, what, no ketchup?!


wally said...

What about YOUR comfort??? I wish I had some of the bear-ish beer. That game was rough.

wally t.

Tibby said...

That's no fair that he didn't share with you! It was right at your level too!
PS: I added you to my friends list on my bloggy! I hope that's ok!

Lola Smiles said...

Mmmm..that looks yummy! Hope you guys all shared! :)

Sophie Brador said...

I remember that beer! There are some funny beers in Banff. You dudes have got to try them all!


Pippa said...

Chips? I love chips. I am right in there.

dee & tula said...

Hey we know a good brat when we see one.. but it looks like it's in trouble! We're from Wisconsin too (well, my mom is)- there's nothing like a beer, brats and FOOTBALL!

New to blogging- nice to meet your pack!


Nigel, Sola and Co. said...

Thanks for giving me a midnight craving that I cannot cure!

Fenway said...

Hi! I'm Fenway and am also a herding dog. I am continually looking for my kind on DWB.

Did your human want the Eagles to win? Mine did...something about wanting their coach to win.

And I don't know about that beer. Fizzy stuff makes me a bit leery.

Your new pal,

JB's Big World said...

Nice to meet you guys. Moose drool, huh, really?

Pippa said...

Chips? I love chips. We don't have ketchup on them here though. Vinegar, although mistress remembers ketchup from when she was a young pup.