07 January 2009

Always thinking about You-Know-Who

But he don't need no correction! :)

We miss you, big head! We hope Uncle Kidlat is taking good care of you!


wally said...

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! I know some adults who need to be institutionalized. And I bet Jackson would be just the guy to correct 'em!

We miss Jackson AND you guys!

wally t.

ps. We will have so many things we will have to re-celebrate when you get back! Iggles, Obama, etc!
pps. It will also be my burpday when you get back! I'm throwing a super sweet sixteen!

Lola Smiles said...

I'm sure Jacks is missing you too! ;0
He'll be fine but giving you a bit of attitude when you get back home! HA! :)

splendid said...
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