27 August 2008

Cheatin' heart

As many of our friends know, our human occasionally trollops around with Wally's humans. Well, for the most part, we're able to ignore the hours away, the smells, even the sharing of our treats. BUT we draw the line when actual trolloping reaches our doorstep. Okay, okay, it hasn't actually crossed that threshold yet, but we know what the human's thinking... !!!

Meet another no-name orphan at the Delaware SPCA. This skinny guy was left tied to the gate of another shelter who couldn't take him in. We hear this guy's friendly, in spite of his hard luck. He still has his manbits, so will not be available for adoption until they're removed next week. If you know anyone who might be interested, this goofy, sweet, 8-month old GSD will be available for adoption by Wednesday, September 2.

20 August 2008

Runnin' with the big dogs

Uncle Kidlat didn't get to go on the roadtrip, but we partied at his place when we got back! In fact, it was the first time he got to hang with all of us--it was even his first time to meet Rousseau. He thinks he's a big dog! :)

On the road--and back--again

We're back! And we finally got the human blogging again (at least for the moment!)... We think his mind is still up in the mountains somewhere. If there are two places he feels most at home, they are the solitude of the forest and the comfort of the past. We had plenty of both on our recent roadtrip. We even came as close to mountains as the eastern US offers: the Adirondacks. Plus, we squeezed in the Berkshires and Finger Lakes (actually just Cayuga Lake).
Rousseau did awesome with the crowded campgrounds (better than the human!) and even enjoyed a leisurely walk across a bucolic campus. We all survived a skunk scare--a neighbor dog was not so lucky--and a visit from a hungry bear cub (good thing his mama wasn't around). And although it rained a lot, we made the most of it: meatables!!! Yes, we finally got to celebrate Jacks's birthday with "cake"!

09 August 2008

Catching up (cramming!)

The past week was kinda eventful--though not all the events included us! Still, lots going on, just not blogging. As you may have noticed, our human isn't too good about staying on top of things. In fact, he usually waits til the last minute. And although we don't really have a deadline staring us down, we're leaving on a roadtrip in the morning (WOO HOO!), so we told our boy he better blog now or be even more ridiculously behind...

Anyway, the human started the week by going to a herding trial. Again, we must note: we didn't get to go along! Sure looks like fun, doesn't it? Well, we're promised that we'll be doing some herding very soon. Narra needs to continue her training, and Tuchuck needs to start. Rousseau needs to be tested; we don't know if he'll like it or not. But brother Jackson is ready to watch!

Here's a cardi herding--but it's not our Uncle Kidlat

And an Aussie herding--but it's not Rousseau...
The other big event this week was a first-time play date for Tuchuck and Kidlat! Wow, they had a blast. Tuchuck even showed some restraint playing with the baby. We guess there's always a first time for everything. If you want to see more, the human made a little video (and it's really fun!).

Thanks for visiting our blog! We'll be back in about a week!

01 August 2008

Birthday love for Big Head

We don't know why or how, but the human has dubbed July 31 Jackson's birthday. We're pretty sure it's not his real birthday--and it may not even be his actual Gotcha Day--but, for whatever reason, today's his day! Also, we don't know his real age, but (again for reasons unknown) the human says Jacks is about 10 years old. He's a wise old man!

What we want to know is where's the cake??? The human says we have to wait because Jacks has been experiencing some stomach trouble these past couple days. We won't subject you to the gory details, but big bro has been feeling rather poorly. In fact, for the first time in the history of the world, Jacks passed up his dinner yesterday. He seemed better today as he ate all his food, but we still have to wait for our, er, his cake. We understand it will take the form of some meatables... Mmmm...