10 May 2008

What manner of Diaper Breath???

Um, not sure these pictures need any explanation. All we can say is, "Bad human, bad!"

Looks so innocent, doesn't it?

05 May 2008

O Ye of Little Faith

We got a crazy surprise yesterday. Turns out that Tuchuck actually qualified in his first ever dog trial last week!!! "Qualifying" means he passed, and with three qualifying scores, he will earn a title. In this case, he's working on a Rally Novice title. If he gets it, he will have RN after his name. (Which is not to say he can nurse injuries or other health crises--although Diaper Breath is good with people, can you imagine him assisting in life-saving procedures? Yikes!) Too bad the human was so quick to escape the ring, he made Tuchuck miss his first ever ribbon. Boo humans!

Tuchuck says: "You can look now, Narra, I told you I did good--but I want my ribbon!!!"

Tuchuck also says: "Ethel, I'm anxiously anticipating your birthday!" :)