05 May 2008

O Ye of Little Faith

We got a crazy surprise yesterday. Turns out that Tuchuck actually qualified in his first ever dog trial last week!!! "Qualifying" means he passed, and with three qualifying scores, he will earn a title. In this case, he's working on a Rally Novice title. If he gets it, he will have RN after his name. (Which is not to say he can nurse injuries or other health crises--although Diaper Breath is good with people, can you imagine him assisting in life-saving procedures? Yikes!) Too bad the human was so quick to escape the ring, he made Tuchuck miss his first ever ribbon. Boo humans!

Tuchuck says: "You can look now, Narra, I told you I did good--but I want my ribbon!!!"

Tuchuck also says: "Ethel, I'm anxiously anticipating your birthday!" :)


Penny & Poppy said...

Yay, Tuchuck! We knew you could do it! Good luck on the next one!

Poppy & Penny

wally said...


dr. ETHEL.

wally said...

Sorry about that. My sissy is so undignified. And Narra--I know who has the titles in your family.


ps. Jackson--everyone knows the BEST title to have is HBH (House Big Head).

Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

Thank you, Penny and Poppy! See that, guys, some dogs can be nice to me!

Hey, Ethel, I'll be the nurse if you'll be the doctor! :) Hm, let me think of a good illness...

And, Wally, I know you like my sister, but she's only the titleholder for the moment! Ha ha!