27 April 2008

The Tax Man

We didn't mention it before, but Tuchuck, aka Diaper Breath, had a birthday recently! Since he was assumed to be seven months old when he was adopted on October 15, the human decided his "birthday" should be April 15. Very auspicious, right? How fitting that his birth date should bring universal dread to humans (and canines!). Anyway, we all know it's not his real birthday.

More importantly--and, okay, not so directly related--little Tuchuck was entered in his first dog show this week! The human entered them in Novice Rally at an AKC trial. A totally misguided effort on the human's part: diaper breath was clearly not ready. The outing was a total disaster from what we hear, and we are soooo happy not to have been ringside to witness the tragedy. The human experienced an entirely new "walk of shame." HAHAHA!

Narra says, "I can't even stand to look!"

It was a beautiful day for an outing--but we were quite ready to escape the scene of the crime...


Penny & Poppy said...

Don't worry, Tuchuck...you will make it all up to them when you get a little more experience. We all have to start SOMEWHERE!

Poppy & Penny

wally said...



ps. It is NO COIN, Co-ins--um, mistake that OUR BURPDAYS are SO CLOSE. True LOVE. EWhere's my tenNIS ball?