01 April 2008

WHOA, that's a BIG HEAD!

Hello again! Seems like forever since we've blogged--and we can place the blame squarely on the human. He whines a lot about work being so bad lately, but we know the real reason for his slacker attitude is a bunch of homeless dudes that he goes to visit. We're talking four-legged dudes at the SPCA. He comes home all smelly. Maybe it smells like home to Tuchuck--ha ha!

So, yeah, he goes and walks these guys with Wally's apes--have they no shame? And they even take pictures! He particularly likes this big-headed guy with no name, simply referred to at the moment as "Big Head." They're thinking he's some kind of mastiff mix, with perhaps rottie? Big Head has some small bits that will be removed before he can go up for adoption. The human says there's a lovely little girl named Remy who reminds him of a female Tuchuck (now that would be truly unfortunate). Luckily, this girl is being spayed as we speak! And, there's a shy but loving boxer named Bruno. He's ready to go now! Check out his shelter webpage!

The pics are all courtesy Mr. J and Wally's Ma Ape--because our human's batteries died (duh!). More pics on Wally's blog!

Remy, aka Spaz!


wally said...

I hate to break it to you guys but your ape is a ho. And mine is pining over the big-headed black pitty (uh--hello! big head right here!) that she wants to name Bo (after the NU coach!) Ugh. Bo n' Bonnie she keeps saying. She's such a sucker.


wally said...


Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

Um, Wallyhawk, is that a KU reference on our blog (but we don't know the music)?! Okay, I suppose we deserve that.

But we didn't know Callahan's nickname was Bo?! :)