22 April 2008

Up the turnpike

We would like everyone--particularly our new friends at Dogs with Blogs--to know that we don't usually let our blog lapse this long. Unfortunately, our human is feigning busy-ness yet again and has resisted our bidding. Okay, yes, he is gone from home longer than usual lately, but, c'mon, what about priorities?

Luckily, we did corral him long enough to go to an agility trial this weekend. And we all got to go! Boone had another medical crisis last week (yet again!), but he was well enough to make the trip to Jersey. :) We had beautiful weather and a fun time, Narra especially. She didn't do particularly well at the trial (the human was very upset--get over yourself, we say), but she had a blast--literally--as usual, running the courses.
[Photo courtesy Barry Rosen Photography]

Also, we want to share a new Flickr site that Wally's apes have put up. As some of you know, Wally's apes and our human help with the dogs at the Delaware SPCA. Mr. J even takes pictures of the animals for the SPCA's website and Petfinder. He takes great pictures--just look at this one of a very cute girl named Daisy. (We like this pic because she seems fast like Narra!) If you want to see more pictures, check out what the apes have put up on Flickr.


Katherine and Pippa said...

*sigh* Narra is gorgeous. Meanwhile mistress has fallen in love with T-bone (?). Just as well there are a few miles of water separating us all.


Jackson, Narra, & Tuchuck said...

Narra says thank you, you're not so bad yourself, Pippa. :) We will admit to liking T-bone, too--there sure are a lot of cute dogs at the shelter. Too bad there's no more room in our house! (Actually, that's good really.)

Hope your mistress is feeling better, Pippa.


wally said...

Why must we encourage their cheating?


Narra--don't think I don't see YOUR cheating. Ha! JK. I think dog polyamory is totally cool. But it is NOT acceptable when the apes cheat on us.

Lola Smiles said...

you guys are too cool.
I'll be back.

wigglebutt wags,
Lola Smiles