29 August 2010

How many is TEN??

What're we, the Hotel New Hampshire?! Who's that lying in our bed?? You might not recognize the little orange ball there (uh, because he's supposed to be GONE), but that's Tucker--from the SPCA--yes, he's still here. That makes us EIGHT in the house. Oh, but he ain't stayin'! We just don't know when he's leavin'...And you remember Buddy (#2), our senior guest. We drove him all the way to his new (foster?) home... And our human was sad. But Buddy made us NINE...
Then there was sweet, little Dulce. She coulda been Uncle Kidlat's new sister, but he didn't play his cards right. In fact, he didn't play right at all. So she made a pitstop at our house before going to her new home. All turned out really well because she was reunited with her brother, and they get to live happily ever after! (Except that she was renamed Bella... and her brother is Edward. Ew. Well, they were never gonna "get together" anyhow.) She made us TEN! Again. (Remember Milo?)
And, as it turns out, Uncle Kidlat just doesn't play well with others. Period. He tried another possible sibling, but that didn't work out either. Well, not for Uncle Kidlat. Turned out pretty well for the pretty baby, though. He doesn't have a name yet, but he has an awesome new home with super sibs and his very own GranNE! And, if all goes right, he may very well be named after an extraordinary John Irving character! (Cast your vote!)
Now the baby didn't really add to our number, he just waited in the driveway...
Okay, you keeping track? Hope so, because see this white blur with Tuchuck? That's Finn. Sometimes referred to as Finnegan. He's half of Finn and Liberty (sometimes referred to as Libby), two overnight guests from Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue. They're with us right now, so that brings us to TEN again. But they'll be on their way bright and early in the morning.

Tucker says, "See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya.. Bwahahaha!"TEN again. Begin again... :)

Finn and Libby... They should really be Finn and Rachel--cuz they ain't gettin together either!

24 August 2010

Hail to the Chief!

Meet our buddy Barack! As you can see, he's a very happy guy--even though he has been at the animal shelter for a VERY long time. :( He's super sweet and super energetic. And don't let the polls fool you, he's also super popular! We can't understand why he hasn't gotten adopted yet!!! Tell your friends! This guy's a catch!

19 August 2010

Bon Voyage, Buddy!

We're taking our (second) Buddy to a new foster home upstate tomorrow. He'll also be meeting a prospective adopter, so his foster days may certainly be numbered. Wish him luck! Take care, Buddy, have fun and be well!

Buddy's Bon Voyage Party from 4dogart on Vimeo.

15 August 2010

The Original Four

Our heroes, these guys started it all! Left to right: Jackson, Buko, Tsamba, with Buddy down front.

Our second Buddy

Brother Buddy preceded almost all of us: he was one of the original four (with Brothers Tsamba, Buko, and Jackson), so the name is very special to us. Now, for the first time ever, we've agreed to share the name... with another very special, senior guy.

Our second Buddy--our second houseguest--barely escaped euthanasia at the shelter. The shelter folks are kind and thought his health issues were so severe that they could spare him some suffering. Unfortunately, they didn't really have the resources to test or confirm Buddy's condition. Well, we wanted to know for sure, so Buddy visited our vet for a complete examination and a blood test... and GOOD NEWS! Buddy "just" suffers from old guy stuff (Jackson knows what that's like). He was just very depressed and stressed in the shelter. Out of it, he has become very lively and fun. He's gotta lotta livin left to do!

But Tuchuck wants to know: "Dude, what's up with those ears?!"

Buddy's story already has a happy ending. In a few days, he'll be off to a regular foster home (ours is TOO FULL!) with German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania who already has a prospective adopter waiting to meet him! Good luck, Buddy, we've enjoyed getting to know you (and our human is going to miss you lots)!

Buddy needs a home! from 4dogart on Vimeo.

09 August 2010

I scream, you scream...

Even shepherds don't scream like this guy! Be glad you can't hear him over the internet!! Our world is shattered--just like our ear drums--since little Tucker came to town. We thought he was only visiting, so how come he's still here? The shelter closes in four hours, dude, shouldn't Tucker be going back now??Seriously, though, he's settled down a bit, even walked the yard with all of us (Tucker on leash). He'll probably be okay in time, but, um, time's up, isn't it?

Tell your friends to adopt Tucker! Please!

07 August 2010


Our human's back, and so are we! Thanks to all our friends who patiently checked in on us--repeatedly--only to find out we were being lame, er, that our human was being lame by not updating our blog.

To be perfectly honest, we're ashamed to blog about our latest activities because, well, in our human's absence, we sorta lost it, to say the least. The pic of big bro Tanner is evidence... We're very sorry to say that a bunch of us *cough*[collies!] went a little crazy one night and attacked him. For whatever reason, we went all Lord of the Flies: rules forsaken, order lost--and an innocent suffering for it. Tanner was ripped up pretty bad, but he's healing well now. His left ear will never stand again, and his debonair handsomeness has given way to a kind of goofy cuteness. (He kinda reminds us of Montgomery Clift after his car accident--though we wouldn't call Monty's post-accident looks "goofy cuteness." And Tanner seems to be bouncing back better than Monty did!)

The human was completely freaked out, and we all thought that our pack would be disbanded. Fortunately, we've pulled ourselves together, and so far, so good. Keep your fingers and paws crossed for us! Really, we were freaked out, too--how dare he leave us for so long?!

Although our pack is still intact, we've had our share of comings and goings nonetheless. For one, Uncle Kidlat came to stay with us for a while! No, that pic is not his going Lord of the Flies on Tuchuck--just us having fun with the little emperor, as usual. :)
A couple weeks back, Tuchuck also made a new lady friend--this is Luna. She spent the night at our house (no, nothing salacious! you guys!) on her way to her new home! (Thanks to Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue!)

Our SPCA buddy Tucker got to hang out with Uncle Kidlat, too! Tucker's a cattle dog mix who's getting all adoptable so he can go to a forever home like ours. But not exactly OURS! If you know anybody looking for a cute, high energy boy, send them to Tucker's webpage!
And, lastly, our biggest "pack" news of all: Uncle Kidlat may be getting a new baby sister! Look at this pretty girl with him... We're calling her Dulce (Auntie Dulce??!), and she's just a baby Cardi from CompAnimals Pet Rescue. She's staying with Uncle Kidlat for a week--maybe she'll like him by the end of it!

Whew! That was a lot! Sorry, guess that's what happens when you don't blog for so long. We'll try to do better from now on. We actually have more to talk about! But we'll wait til next time. :) Thanks for visiting our blog!