15 August 2010

Our second Buddy

Brother Buddy preceded almost all of us: he was one of the original four (with Brothers Tsamba, Buko, and Jackson), so the name is very special to us. Now, for the first time ever, we've agreed to share the name... with another very special, senior guy.

Our second Buddy--our second houseguest--barely escaped euthanasia at the shelter. The shelter folks are kind and thought his health issues were so severe that they could spare him some suffering. Unfortunately, they didn't really have the resources to test or confirm Buddy's condition. Well, we wanted to know for sure, so Buddy visited our vet for a complete examination and a blood test... and GOOD NEWS! Buddy "just" suffers from old guy stuff (Jackson knows what that's like). He was just very depressed and stressed in the shelter. Out of it, he has become very lively and fun. He's gotta lotta livin left to do!

But Tuchuck wants to know: "Dude, what's up with those ears?!"

Buddy's story already has a happy ending. In a few days, he'll be off to a regular foster home (ours is TOO FULL!) with German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania who already has a prospective adopter waiting to meet him! Good luck, Buddy, we've enjoyed getting to know you (and our human is going to miss you lots)!

Buddy needs a home! from 4dogart on Vimeo.


Peppy Sheppys said...

Bye Buddy! Hope you find a great (old folk's) home! Another win for the olds!

Otis T. Potus

Katherine and Pippa said...

Misery says, the old ones are the best ones. Seriously old dogs are just adorable. I mean she says that, I am too modest.